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Guild Recruitment PS4 SOCIETY X (All Levels Welcome)

My friend and I are looking for new active members to join our guild. We both are VERY active in the game and have managed to get our guild up to Silver 2. We currently have 20 spots open and are constantly upgrading and expanding. Considering the two of us have managed to get this far on our own in just a little over a month, I would like to think that we will have a very successful guild and can hopefully attract some new players to join us. Our overall level right now is 13 and we are about to reach level 14.

Our guild name is SOCIETY X and if you would like to join you can either post your invite code in this thread, or you can send me a message on PSN at haduke_2012 and I will be happy to invite you in.

We have +5 Mastery in all but two of the six mana colors as well. We are currently ranked 3913 over all.

So if you are interested then feel free to let us know. All levels are welcome. All we ask is that you be active and you help contribute to the guild in it’s growth and advancement.

We hope to see some new players soon!


We now have 4 members and are still looking for more. We just reached level 15 so we have room for 20 more players. If interested, send me your invite code to HADuke_2012 on PSN!