⚽ Do you play Fantasy Football? (English Premier League) ⚽

Can I post unrelated Gems things on this forum… meh, who cares i’ll just do it anyways :stuck_out_tongue: :doughnut:

So… Why and What?
I’m a student doing a brief survey on Fantasy Football (Soccer) and its effects on Fan Loyalty for my Thesis. I’m well aware that i might be pushing my luck trying to find fantasy footballers on here but if I can get even one or two who do to fill it out and pass it on to a friend then it will be worth it. :slight_smile: :soccer:

  • I’m looking for fans of all English Premier League teams who also play Fantasy Football currently.

  • Also must be 18+.

If you meet these simple prerequisites I would great appreciate if you take 5-8 minutes to fill out the survey linked below then pass the link onto friends, family and competitors who also play and tell them to do the same. Only need 244+ responses for the study to be classed as valid :stuck_out_tongue:

Link: https://goo.gl/forms/uFXX3NYdPbIhEoUv2

Also… throw a comment below if you filled it out… i’m curious to see if i can even get one person here :stuck_out_tongue: #Help Seamus get his BSc Hon’s Degree! lol


Done, mate.

Good luck on your thesis! :sunglasses:

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Done - good luck dude. But…

Anyone answering B to this is a disgrace to their team, its supporters and most of sentient humanity.

What is more important to you, the success of your favourite team, or the success of your fantasy team? *
A. The success of my favourite team
B. The success of my fantasy team

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so far its 80/20 in favor of A. :stuck_out_tongue: so one in 5… dont really have a favorite team lol