Fooseball (15char)

I’m watching football at rosati’s and can’t get on my tablet. Intrim still winning Tower, yeh?

Just kidding… You’re still in first.
Also, if you didn’t know, you can private message people on here… Such as your other members.

I got click baited into this thread by thinking it was actually about football…

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Totally about football, go chargers!

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And thanks XD

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Ahahahhaa, thank you, @Lyya

Intrim, getitgetitgetigetit choo choo!

I am missing a football-topic here too :frowning:

Do you talk about the american football or the “soccer”-football? What do you like? :stuck_out_tongue:

And on topic: Do you guys got fireball-scrolls in that event? We didn’t got one…

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Da Bears! (10char)

I remember 2 fireball scrolls. There may have been 1 or two more

woohoo. back home. back at it.