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So... Chat goes down every Monday to Wednesday now or....?

Like the title says… For the past 3 weeks, I can’t reliably connect to global chat from Monday to Wednesday…

It’s fairly annoying.

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I guess they need proper servers…seems like from monday to wednesday everybody logs in for completing tier 1 pvp.

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The server switch should be done by the end of the year.

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Wouldnt be a major surprise if that was delayed somewhat. They seem to have their hands completely full with PC and console updates at the moment.

Probably havent slept in a month over there…

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Hmmm… You say they haven’t slept much, which alludes to them being zombie-like; I get that. But the picture you chose appears to be a still from Dead Island 2, a game which was notoriously postponed multiple times. Earlier in the post you mentioned how it wouldn’t be a surprise if it was delayed… Was that intentional?

Perhaps apophenia has bested me yet again…