Smithy Dwarf/Gnome rare spawn

So I have seen a lot of players asking for older/more weapon blue prints to try and get their collection complete. We have a pet spawn along with so many others so I thought about maybe we add one that once killed drops a random unowned blueprint that has a 24hr timer on it. Gives players a small chance but still a chance to get a additional blue print to craft a weapon every so often. The rarity of the spawn would be up for debate and what it could drop etc etc. I will leave that to the devs to decide. What do you guys think of a Gnome/Dwarf rare spawn that gives weapon blueprints on death?


This is actually a good idea, but it would probably require a live update.

Still, you would have to win a battle in order to obtain it. Killing a Gnome would not be enough.

To me it is understood that you have to win the match to get the reward

That sounds supper op I like the soul forge idea better imo