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Small ideas with huge consequences

Better method. Troops can only be used ONCE on defense and ONCE on offense, across the guild, for GW.

Public read-only API to access game’s, player’s, event’s and guild’s data. It may even restrict usage and temporary block those who do not use caching. API will help developers to enrich the game with various supportive tools, funny & silly local competitions, more intellectual knowledge bases, etc.

Game data (info&pictures):

  • kingdoms
  • factions & their delves
  • troops
  • weapons
  • classes
  • pets

Player’s Data (by invite code):

  • basic info: avatar picture, level, name
  • kingdoms (levels & power)
  • troops (at least existence)
  • weapons (at least existence)
  • classes (level, traits, mastery level)
  • pets (at least existence & rarity level)
  • underworld (renown scores in detail)
    available resources, VIP level, armour, teams, etc. are hidden.

Guild Data (by login/password, invite codes access is probably resticted based on players’ rank)

  • basic info: name, shield, statues
  • players list with invite codes and current gold/seals/trophies (Roster)
  • list of current week’s guild events

Event Data (login/password and event id)

  • intro: name, lore, whatever else
  • rewards stages: list of ‘how many points for reward’
  • results for all guildmates
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Put @Taransworld in charge of QA

:crossed_fingers: :vulcan_salute:

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I wish and too bad he is leaving the game.

The ability to extract a trait from any troop and be able to set that ability globally so your teams can benefit from it.

Is a month later too late to have an idea? Or two?

  1. Per-board-manipulation trait-triggers. “Convert 1 gem on the board into a [skull, blue gem, etc…]every time a gem match is made,” Or steal one life from all enemies whenever they make a match. Basically, make players think twice about maintaining their boards and/or creating cascades as they are currently incentivized to do.

  2. Random gem conversions, ideally as part of a mythic’s spell with an extra turn built in. “Rainbow’s Grace : change every gem type into a random gem type, then gain an extra turn.”

I could imagine fun scenarios: entire boards become skulls, or doomskulls, half the colors roll into blue and suddenly it’s a flood, or every color repicks itself and nothing happens at all — incredibly unlikely, but hey! RNG is RNG, and that’s what the extra turn is for :wink:

I also think this could be a fun storm type. Chaos Storm: 10% chance to convert a random color into another.

But I can’t see myself actually wanting the randomness by choice as a storm :joy:

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When two gems are swapped, they actually combine to form another color (pre-defined, probably not science accurate).

Another buff:
Conceal - makes your troop untargetable for enemy spells until it casts/does skull damage (just like sleath trait, but as a buff)

Another debuff:
Berserk - next skull damage/spell cast of this unit will randomly pick a target
All units valid for this, so a skull damage can hit any of your units or f.e. hit a backrow troop from enemy team. Same for spells. Aoe spells damage 4 random troops /damage ALL troops. Mass cleansers like Divinia/Mercy cleanse random 4 troops (especially whole enemy team).

One more debuff idea:

Mana Bomb - next time unit casts, it will deal damage to all other allies equal to unit’s magic. Lasts until used or cleased.

One more buff idea:

Magic Blade - next time unit deals skull damage, it will do additional true damage equal to its magic

Back in the day hero weapons were never used, until hero classes were introduced.

Half of these ideas are just plain stupid! The other half would create even greater unbalance.
Multiple weapons? So the team would be more powerful, it would result in more powerful enemies, gain 0.
Bigger board would disable the looping troops, crying ensured these troops would create more gems, but if they create more gems mana requirements should increase, again 0 gain from this too.
Extracting troop traits for global use. Yeah sure I would like to fight teams with every troop having 8% chance to kill one of my troop on 4-5 gem matches.

Glad none of these would be implemented!

Did you read the title of the thread? o.O


New Hydra troop. On death it summons two more Hydras.

Add an endless mode. You enter with one team and keep fighting until all your troops die. The better you do, the better the rewards.

Of course, add troop permadeath.


Another one idea:

@igniteice If you dont mind i will try to gather in this topic all ideas about “new traits” as they appear in different threads

Immovable could be a positive status effect, instead of a trait. Then troops like Divinia, Luna etc can manifest it randomly on random troops. There could also be troops that can apply this effect on targetable allies.

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@Sytro @jpraveensn I like this immovable trait/effect thing, also could be both.

My positive status effect idea is one which would increase spell dmg just like enrage increases skull dmg.
“Magic Burst” increases the effect of next spell by 50%

We need to buff magic dmg cause skull dmg got to strong.


Cremation: Remove all skulls from the board. Remove any Bone/Doom Storm. For the remainder of the battle, no more skulls will fall onto the board unless a Bone/Doom Storm is activated.

Converters and skull creators would still function but no additional skulls would drop without a Bone/Doom Storm.

This seems a bit a extreme to me, but I can imagine an anti-skull storm.

Either/Or spells with a choice-by-player component:

Cleric’s Prerogative
Grant myself Magic/2 Life, then choose either to Bless all allies or Curse all enemies

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