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Small guild (PS4) looking to grow! :D

Come one, come all. Join me and my friend in our Guild, Volympus and make it glorious! For only having two active members, we are doing quite well laddering in league. Currently Rank β€œ1538” (will update as time goes by), and slowly climbing up. 1,824 trophies with Guild currently Level 13.

We are looking for members who are active or at the very least semi-active. Small contributions are appreciated to help complete Guild Tasks, which help everyone in the end. No one needs to be hard core committed, just looking to have some fun, grow as a whole and possibly even chat if interest arises.

For anyone who may ask, why Volympus? Well, it became a name to me and a small group of friends while throwing out guild/clan names referencing the Volus from Mass Effect. (Excellent trilogy by the way) Mount Olympus + Volus = Volympus. :smiley:

Feel free to leave invite code for anyone interested in joining. Also, don’t hesitate to contact me here or on PSN if you have inquiries that I can then answer in more detail if needed.

PSN: Zhamel-Raskin

May The Biotic Gods be with you, Volympian! :slight_smile:

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6 feet under is a guild of five. Why not join us?