Tired of the rat race? 6 feet under may be for you.(PS4)

Lax on requirements Great for whatever level of players you are. Come chill with 6 feet under.

I’m an active player, switched to ps4 so at low level. Made it to 120 in weekend and always meet requirements and fight guild wars. all kingdoms at 5 or better half at 10. Let me know if your interested…

Code is BIGGINS_LHZV. PSN Isnt letting me msg you.

Tried to invite you says your in a guild already

Hi, we are a small gulid too, and are also looking for something bigger, there is 5 of us that are currently active daily, what is your guild level, rank and GW STATUS?


6 feet under is still looking for recruits of all types. Two of us are almost lvl 500 on our hero’s and would be glad to help newer players. Any and all are welcome.

I can see the punny catchphrases now.
“Not joining 6ft under is a grave mistake! Undead teams welcome!”
I don’t have a ps4, just thought I’d give a slight bump with a corny joke.

Hi, my hubby and I are looking for a new guild. The one we belong to is less and less active and doesn’t even register for GW any more.

We are level ~175 and ~215 now and advancing :slight_smile:

We play daily, but not very long hours. Can usually contribute 1500 guild seals, and would love to fight in GWs. We are still leveling up kingdoms, but can donate some gold as well.

Can we join 6 feet under? Should I post our invite codes here?

We would be glad to have you. I must warn you 5 of us play consistently so if you are in a guild with more be warned.We are currently in bracket 97 in guild wars though to give you an idea how much we play. Either pm me invite codes or I get messages on ps4 @ halebomb77

Still looking for all manner of players. 7 consistently play. We hit 10000 seals last week. If that is for you come join us.