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Searching for a new guild

I’m currently looking for a new home. My current level is 254, seals always done. I have a few kingdoms at level 10, and the rest are level 5. Looking to upgrade when I can. Participates in GW too.

Come and join as at 6 feet under. See Tired of the rat race? 6 feet under may be for you.(PS4)

The UnWanted Knights are currently recruiting and LF high level active players, all we require is that you’re active, contribute, and participate in Guild Wars

Are either of your guilds still recruiting? I am level 527 but cannot play everyday. I can contribute gold and others as I can llay. Thanks

Cat Haven is open and looking. We are friendly and don’t push anyone. Any help is always appreciated.

Sorry I was away for the new year, yes we currently have 2 spots open, if you’d like a spot is yours!

The Gamers Gang (rank 36) recruits players!
you can keep your gold to lvl up all your kingdoms.
Easy requirements: 1200 seals 100 trophies +Guilwars

Thanks to you all. I have joined another guild in the interim. Good luck!:grinning:

I’ve a question for anyone out there. We are a new guild and openly recruiting, though not trying too hard. My question is how do I communicate with my new people? I don’t think they know about Guild Wars or how to collect their seals. I’ve left msgs on the guild forum in game. Is there anything else I can do?

our guild uses discord to communicate, share ideas on teams, and do our most effective chatting. You could set one of them up and try to get the guild to join it

the problem is getting ahold of the new people to get them in there. Also, I don’t have discord. Most of those I see that say something in chat are hard core and we are causal. I just want my new members to know what is available in the guild. Getting their seals so they can get stuff and doing the wars so they can earn trophies and PVP points. I really don’t care otherwise.

Are you on PS4? If so, you can direct message any member of your Guild by going to the guild roster, select the person, press X which will bring up some options. Click 'profiles, then from their GOW profile, press the ‘squares’ button to open their PSN profile. You can then send them a private message over PSN.
Most of the organized guilds set up a PSN community that you can invite all of your members to and then ask them to check in there for news and updates.
If you’re on XBox, the mechanisms are similar but the buttons are different. If you’re on PC/Mobile, my understanding is there is no way to directly contact someone. You can post in guild chat and hope for the best.

On PC…which is why I asked. Thanks anyway.

I think you’re out of luck then. Sorry.

I’d personally download discord, then post the link on your guild chat in-game & also set it as an announcement.
If I could get all my guys who play on PS4 on it I would, its way better than PS messages - the only advantage of PS messages is that it’s convenient.
The only other suggestion I can give you is to search for your guild members on this forum using their in-game names, some may have registered & you can then pm them :+1:

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