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Looking for active members (4) or to join forces with a top guild PS4

Happy New Year everyone I’m Druss in Gems and after playing Solo for a long while,I’ve return to being a Guild Boss again just say having a blast so far.
Now the Knights are only 14 days old but we are kicking ass and taking names,whilst having a great time in party chat.Now the reason i’m here we have 2 places open with a third if I remove my second character which is there to help out with Guild Wars and Seals.
There are very simple requirements 1…Be active…2…try Guild Wars win or lose its ok…3…Collect your Seals…4…If you are yet to max out your Kingdoms then keep your gold and do so.
I’m a level 1,071 with three other 1000+ players a 1030 1108 and a 1182 player,with have 15 members below level 100.
Guild standings as of right now we are a Level 31 Guild…Ranking 2268…with 28 members.
Mana is Blue 18 Green 15 Red 14 Brown 19 Purple 12 Yellow 17
Gold on tasks as on now is Blue 7 Green 6 Red 7 Brown 10 Purple 6 Yellow 9
So anyone looking for a active Guild but not kill themselves grinding their life away are welcome to message me on PSN ID is Sir-Waylander

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Todays Guild up date are Level is now 32…28 members…Ranking 1824
The Tasks are now Blue 7 Green 7 Red 10 Brown 10 Purple 9 Yellow 10
We still have a couple of places if anyone wants to be part of a easy going but active Guild.
Message Sir-Waylander if interested.

The Guild is Ranked 1628 as I come off line at 01:45am UK time (Yes I know i’m crazy) and we have 3 players in the Top 100,in fact if no plays anymore until I get back on we are in the top 50 lol.

Todays Guild up date we had a level 135 player join us so only 2 place left to fill.
Guild Level 32 Ranking 1575
Tasks Yellow is complete Blue is now 8 the rest are the same as last update.
On reset three of us are going to complete Purple and Red,leave Green and Blue if other members want to help out the Guild,and then work on Yellow and Brown for the keys.

We are now the Diaper Bombers were the The Unwanted Knights,we have a group of old guys and a great group of people in are Guild.We have a Community for tips and your team setup,party chat most days,and a group chat.
Now for the Guild up date we are 21 days old…Ranked 816…Guild Level 40
The Tasks this week…Blue 8 Green 7 Red Complete Yellow Complete Purple Complete Brown 7
We have room for 1 person so if you want to join a great group of people and are active,that’s all we ask and help out with gold once you have your Kingdoms levelled up.
Then PSN Sir-Waylander with invite code or any questions

The Guild update we had another Level 1000+ join us plus for a Guild only 25 days old we are just 4000 Guild Seals off 40K,something the ranked 6 Guild didn’t do last week.
So here’s the state of the Guild we are Level 40 and ranked 633 with 29 members maybe 28 if one person doe’s not learn what the word ACTIVE means lol.
Tasks are Blue nearly on 11 Green 7 Red Complete Yellow Complete Purple Complete Brown 9
Next week again Purple and Red with be complete on Monday then Yellow.
Anyone wanting a fun Guild that as very easy reqs eg be active and enjoys a good laugh,be it on Group Chat or Party Chat.Then message me on my PSN ID

Great work by everyone we hit 40k Guild Seals today :):star_struck:

Anyone who’s active and wants to join a fun group of people,are reqs are easy 1,Be active…2…Collect your Seals…3…Keep your gold until your Kingdoms are level 10.
We have a Community,a group chat and we have people in party chat if that’s your thing.We are a great group of rag tag misfits but we work together and have fun doing it.We have 5 level 1000+ players and some low levels growing fast,Guild Wars is easy at the moment and we get at least 3 Tasks complete each week.We just got into the 500’s on the ranking which is great as we are only 26 days old.
PSN Sir-Waylander if you have a question or want to join us.

What the Guild did this week,ok it’s not over yet but it is for me Grind Hamster Druss is taking a break,
Guild Seals 42,650 Gold 10,480,022 Trophies 9,419
A thousand more trophies and we will be ranked 499 good going in under a month

OK Guild up date time again Guild is level 48 and ranked 445 with 29 members but I have a 2nd character that can be removed if anyone wants to join us.
This weeks Tasks Blue working on the last tasks Green 6 Red Yellow Purple all complete Brown 9
Don’t know if anyone wants to drop down to help out a lower Guild most want top ranked Guilds now,but it would be great to have a good player join to help out with gold and mostly trophies.But no worries we will still get there just a little slower but saying that we are 29 days old so doing pretty good to me.
Message Sir-Waylander if interested in joining us.

Druss with a guild up date we are 32 days old Guild with 5 level 1000+ players,two of use in the Top 50 on PvP everyweek.The Guild is Level 49 and Ranked 391 with 4 Tasks complete this week.
We are looking for any level all we ask is be active and help out the Guild wherever you can,low levels keep their gold to level up Kingdoms.
I’m also open to working with a Top 100 Guild happy to take in players that need a break from the top Guild,help us out then return to their main Guild.This doe’s not give the Top Guild power or say over my Guild or my players joining their Guild.But if it stops the Top Guild from losing a player then I;m happy to help out.
Private message Sir-Waylander if interested in joining us or joining forces with us.