Genr8AfterMath needs you!


New guild I need daily players any level. We are competitive but casual too. Contribute scrolls and any gold you can. Mature based guild who loves this game and uses teamwork to the fullest

Genr8AfterMath needs you!





Guild scrolls. Any activity you do in game you turn in for guild scrolls.


Ah! You mean seals brudda😎


Yes sorry lol


How many ppl are in the guild and what level?


4 now but we have a lvl 197 I am lvl 146. We are friendly and competitive. We came from a guild that split


Well my buddy has been running one for beginners and ppl not too high up yet, he has 10.
Maybe you can merge? Add me on ps4 and we’ll talk more


No offense i came from 2 drama ones not interested in merging.


To be fair brudda there are A LOT of drama filled guilds but there are many awesome ones too… @Santandrix wouldnt steer you wrong but of course its your call


You just weren’t with the right people. but no offense taken.

Good luck trying to find 26 ppl you get a long with.


I’m in a bracket 1 top 12 guild, he was with us but left to help his lower buddies. He is a very great dude.
Gives a mill a week and above 1000, look me up in telling you.


Thanks for info. Not interested in being a hamster or another recruit in someones army. I rather have my friends and new members join us than the potiental for drama or being kicked…


4 members currently


5 members. We welcome any level players. Low requirements. Contribute seals and gold as much as possible nothing is too little or too much. Fun. Friendly. Competitive.



7 now! Up and coming!


9 members. We play guild wars. Low req on gold donate as much as you can. Play pvp and GW.

Welcome new players who are active or casual. Pm me if interested


10 :slight_smile: keep them coming


15 members now. Low req on gold. Play Guild Wars. Any levels are welcomed


Can i join