Level 61 player looking for guild [closed]

I am level 61 on ps4 but i am level 750ish on pc/mobile so im not exactly a noob lol

I am looking for a guild to join starting next week. I am not really ready to contribute much gold yet as i am leveling my kingdoms still but i can get 1500 seals a week and probably at least 150 trophies no problem😎

I am also able to GW battles no problem

Anyone interested pm me and we can talk about your guild🍻


I’m recruiting mature players for the adult gamer guild. Message me here or on PSN at Calv1n please.

@Calv1n yo pimpin what do you mean “mature” and “adult gamer” cuz i aint down wit no freaky s**t


Just means we are looking for 18+ members usually as the clan was originally created for an all adult online community (theadultgamer.com) if you want to check it out. There is nothing freaky or NSFW about the guild and as we don’t have the community numbers I’ve relaxed on that age requirement and I’m just looking for folks that want to play and help out that play at least once a week for a few hours.


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Right on… How many tasks do you get done per week? Do you do GW? Is it cool if i join on monday? What rank is your guild?

Sure join anytime we are actively looking for active players now as many of our players left since the game released when we had a full playing roster. I myself left for several months and have just returned to try and get things going again.
We are currently Rank 1998 and will be diamond II likely today (8 pts away). Level 31 and most taks are 13 with 3 or 4 of us doing a few tasks every week (I try to do 2 to 4 a day presently).

I haven’t done GW as of yet as we don’t have the numbers and playing team members but once we do I certainly plan to.


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Thanks brudda… I will consider your guild for my new home😎

I think Saski has been in touch with you already?


Yes and thank you! As i told him i would love to join!

Edit: fair warning tho… Im gonna have a hard time in GW for a bit til i get some better cards and traits but i will do my best😎

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Sure sounds like a noob… :joy:

Time to pull out that Ranger team! I suggest Hero/Ranger/Ranger/Alchemist!

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I have actually been using psion valk justice mab although its slow cuz only valk has traits

Caution, he flings poo too I hear.

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Of course i do… Im a gorilla😎

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Still looking!:sunglasses:



Bump bump lol

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Oh… Hi! I still need a guild! How would you like to have your very own jedi gorilla in your guild? C’mon ya know you want one! For the low low price of a simple invitation you could enjoy the company of a gorilla with a force push so strong it can knock the stupid wig off of Donald Trumps noggin from 2000 miles away!

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must be a legal krystara resident void where prohibited some exclusions may apply

At this point, you might want to try global chat. You may not find a great guild, but you should be able to find A guild.

That reminds me, there is a guild called “A guild” that might still be recruiting. I think they’re actually pretty good… @tracey74



Relaxed friendly guild. We normally reach 10k guild chest. Since I’ve been in the guild we’ve not completed a legendary task yet. Usually complete 6 of 12 task. Each color. We do not require GW. Personally I like GW so I participate. If you’d like to hang out with us until you get your kingdoms leveled and your decks built up. We would love to have you.


Awesome @EmsDad15 sounds perfect i will join you guys!