Level 61 player looking for guild [closed]

Yep, have nine spaces left so sure are still recruiting, thanks for mentioning us :wink: (A GUILD), Tried to add someone from here a while back and had an issue though, he thought cos we’re in different regions, ashamed to say after playing all this time I don’t know if that matters.


You mean geographically right? I’m pretty sure the only way that matters is time zones. Otherwise it shoulda been working. Sorry it gave you problems.

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Yeah sorry that’s what I meant, I’m in UK, don’t always remember to check back here and my email can be a little temperamental on my phone lol, only just seen that my reply was unneeded as guild had been joined, anyway thanks for info, I’ll persevere and am sure will get it sorted, and I’ll try remember to check dates on posts too lol. Oh and we too have been enjoying the guild wars, and the rewards are an added bonus of course, we usually get to least the 6th task in all colours, sometimes maybe 8th/9th, am sure if could fill our remaining guild slots with few more active players would encourage everyone to go that little further, would be interesting to see how far, do let us know if regular player and interested in joining.

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