PS4 #3 Guild "Misguided Misfits" is recruiting



Misguided Misfits, the #2 Guild on PS4 is now recruiting. We have over 195,000 trophies, masteries over 100 and many active contributing members. We also have a lively PSN Community where we can share information and strategies, swap war stories or just chat.

Guild requirements are:

  • Level 100+
  • Weekly donations of 100,000 gold minimum, although most of us give much more
  • 100 trophies

The above minimums are subject to change once the guild update rolls out.

Please post here or contact me by private message if you are interested in joining!


Are we all bumping our recruitment threads now? Ok.

3 spots available!


I’ll do it for you!


One spot available…


Three spots available for active players.


One spot available…


Hi, I’m level 535 and looking for a more active guild.

Invite code: EDUSAN_BDTQ


Thanks for the interest - I sent you a PM.


We are currently full, but if you are interested in joining, please let either me or @Thor know as spots do open up now and then.


We are full again, but I need to bump this to get it back in front of the expired recruiting thread that someone posted in for some reason.


We have a few spots open now.


Recruiting closed - we are full again. As always, please PM myself or @Thor if you are interested in joining and we can arrange an invite once a spot opens up again.


One free spot


Two free spots


Can you throw a couple my way at some point? Lol :raising_hand_woman:


Free spots or cast-off players? If its players you want, I have no idea where they’re going…


Cast offs. I see really active guilds are full, presumably really good ones, and then places become available. Do people get stressed out or can’t meet certain requirements or something? I must admit I’ve never been so addicted to a sodding video game. It’s like digital drugs I’d imagine. Things are going well for us since I joined the forum but I would like a couple more active folks. Sounds like the update could drop in the next week and that will be fun and it’ll take me a week to get used to the new features and even longer to explain them to my Mrs!


Yeah, with anything like this there is a constant ‘normal’ amount of turnover as people move onto other games or have real-life issues get in the way. We recruit here and in a couple other ways so we are generally able to fill the spots as they open up, but it takes some effort.

I was trying to explain how the guild seals will work to my wife last night and her eyes just glazed over. I think it will make a lot more sense once we actually have the update and can see things in action…


We have a few spots open now.


Recruiting is open…