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Misguided Misfits #2 Guild on ps4 are Recruiting

Hi the Misguided Misfits are currently recruiting. We are the #2 guild on ps4

Guild requirements are earn 100 trophy and donate 100k gold every week. If this is something you can do then we would like to hear from you. Also we have a community page set up on psn that all guild members participate in.


You know people can cheese the 100 trophies thing by doing a bunch of Arena and going 8-0 every time, right?

invading or arena bring the same kind of trophies, Guildleaders don’t care. They’ll even be happy if you spend your time on arenas :grin:

Yes, all I care about is the trophies and gold donation minimum at least being achieved. How the player earns the trophies and gold is up to them. :slight_smile:

We have 1 spot open for an active player.

I’m super active and climbing fast. I can meet the contribution requirements

Invite sent but you have to leave your old or new guild first. :wink:

1 spot open. Guild requirements are 100 trophy & 100k gold minimum every week. No donating to maps or souls.

Send me a message if you wish to join. :slight_smile:

Spot has been filled.
If you can do 100 trophy & 100gold each week then send me a pm. Most of our members do more then the guild minimum.

1 spot left. :slight_smile:

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2 spots open. Guild min is easy and is only 100trophy and 100k gold every week. Send me a pm if interested.

That was quick. 1 spot filled. 1 spot left :slight_smile:

1 spot left. Guild requirements are 100trophy and 100k gold every week.
No donating to maps or souls in guild tasks. Send me a message if you want to join a good active guild.

Could I possibly join, I’m from pc level 869 experienced player and have recently moved over to console to try it out, atm I’m level 41 almost have my two magic kingdoms two level 10, I can donate the rest of my gold towards the guild through, if you want to talk it want or make some sort of arrangement with me reply back, or msg me on ps4 via Kozsey

One spot open. Looking for players who can do 100 trophy and 100k gold minimum every week.
Send me a pm if you would like to join a good active guild.

3 spots open.

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Send me a invite I am level 80 and growing very active

1spot open for an active player.

Looking for a level 150+ player who has all kingdoms done to fill our last spot. :slight_smile:

3 spots open.

Recruiting is open

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A few spots are still open. 100k and 100 trophies a week at minimum, but lots of us are giving quite a bit more. Drop me a message on here if you’re interested, willing, and able!