"Misguided Misfits" PS4 #3 guild is recruiting OPEN

Misguided Misfits, the #3 Guild on PS4 is now recruiting.
Level 100+

In this moment we are full

We have a free spot

One spot is available

my name is ghost10 can you invite me please

From January 2 these are the minimum requirements: 1500 seals and 500k gold

1500 seals and 500k per week new mins.
If you are interested send me your invite code

my invite code is ghost10

Invite Sent

We have one spot available
Min for week:
500k Gold
1500 seal

Aloha :four_leaf_clover:

Happy new year. Im Level 108, and very active on Playing Gems of war :+1:t2::wink:

I would be happy to be Part of an active guild.

Pls invite :slightly_smiling_face:

psn Nick LOSTBOYoO

In this moment we are full…but i think next week there are some spot open.
You are the first of the list if you want wait for this

One spot available…leave the guild and i sent the invite

Hi. Im not Home now, so have to wait. Sorry about that, but a big thanks for your fast answer :+1:t2:

Maybe a later Time :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m waiting for the invitation

We have one spot available. Min req. 300T-400kG-1500S for week

Lv 459

I’m ready!


I write a pm