Misguided Misfits recruiting #2 guild

we have over 21k trophies +27 or more in all masteries. we got to rank 5, then dwindled down to rank 9 with probably 2/3rds deadweight, and a leader that never got more than 60 trophies…now we have our leadership sorted out and removing the freeloaders we should shoot right to the top. with the patch a month off it’s a good time to get in a top guild and save up gems and keys.

if you are interested contact DemonicDraco via PSN

at 4654 trophies rank 11, all masteries 9+ now can still use a few good soldiers.

we have 2 openings, we are currently rank 5 with over 12k trophies 20+ in all masteries.

I’d like to join you. I’m already in a guild, but the only person who is allowed to skill is never online. We have more than 350 coins on our guild account. -.-
I’m about level 126 (+/- 2) and have already solved all challenges and quests, so I can focus on winning trophies.
Usually I play in the evenings, but today’s my gf’s birthday so I’m not sure if I’ll be online. If it’s ok, I’ll contact you via PSN when I’m ready to leave my guild.

lolz I don’t think I’ve ever seen more than 40 coins in ours… got 7 people that can use em including myself…

currently have 7 slots open in our roster.


Me and my friend are interested in joining. I’m lvl 73 and he is 120+.

Are you still recruiting?


I will join. I’m lvl 52. And play regularly.

Recruitement open again! Looking for very active players.

still lookn.

Hi there, I’d be interested in joining your guild if you’d take me!

I’m level 123 and play a few hours daily. I’m currently in a guild, but there’s no communication between all guild members at all (The Guild leader hasn’t gave anyone the privilege of speech, haha!). I’ve earned 1076 trophies since joining this guild back in the start of January, and win just over 90% of my invasions.

sounds good, what is you invite code?

Lol, I can’t remember where to find it, but I’m sure it’s GEORGIUS_1
Yeah, it is. Found it.

you can’t see it if your in a guild.

Yeah, I just left to find it, cheers.

k, invite sent.

Hi there, are you still recruiting? Discovered this game about 3weeks ago. I’m currently in a guild that has a leader who does not spend coins. I hit level 72 last night and would love to join a guild with active members.

sure, what is your invite code?

Hi there, thanks for the quick reply. Where do i find it, the invite code? Do I have to quit my current guild first to recieve it.

it’ll be on your hero page but only when guildless.