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[PS4] Misguided Misfits are recruiting!

:boom: Misguided Misfits :boom: Top 10 guild and Bracket 1 in GWs

We are looking for high level active players that can meet the weekly requirements of the following…

  • 750,000 Gold
  • All seals done
  • 200 trophies
  • At least 40K GWs points, or close to that
  • We use all free event Sigils
    For someone who plays the game regularly, these are very modest reqs compared to other top 10 guilds.

All Weekly guild events are completed and are required!

What you’ll get when you join us…

  • Usually 50+ LT a week, or more :smirk:
  • A group of people who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and help each other out
  • A friendly loving family that talks daily in group chat
  • If you need time off just let us know! We do our best to be flexible and understand life comes first to the game.

If you would like to know more, please message PenguinDizzy or killscreen187 on PSN.



Two spots available . Message if interested

Misguided Misfits has currently 1 spot open. Message killscreen187 or penguindizzy

We still have 1 spot available!

1 spot open for an active player level 1000+. Message killscreen 187 or penguindizzy if interested

Come join a fun, active guild. 1 spot open for a level 1000+ player. We get lots of legendary tasks done, modest reqs. Message killscreen187 or penguindizzy if intested

Misguided Misfits has 2 spots open. We are a fun and friendly community.


Another spot has opened up in this long-standing guild. If you are above level 1000 and able to score well in all events, please message myself or penguindizzy.

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1 spot available in our friendly group.

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Recruiting 2 active players now. Gw bracket 1. All tasks completed early + legendaries