PS4 Rank #1 [Bracket 1] - Guild Risin'Phreekz Recruitment Post [Recruitment Open]


We are currently the number one guild on PS4 including for trophy Leaderboard and Guild Wars.

We are looking for experienced players. Guild Wars are required 40k per week minimum along with max sentinels, 1 million gold, and 1500 seals. We have no minimum for trophies.

PM me with your guild wars score for a week if interested.

If interested please contact me here or on psn, my gamer tag is Ghaleon.

Player level 1010 power rating 9k+ lf active guild

Updated requirements.


We are 29/30 if you are interested and want to participate in this week’s guild wars please get in touch with me.


Still looking for experienced players, preferably level 1000 plus or highly experienced.


how many legendary tasks did we make this week ?! over xxx ?? crazy!!
amazing times to be in #1 guild xD


Bet you still never got a mythic from them?


We have we got Death.


Are you still recruiting, lol


Fair play then, we always get utter crap from ours :joy:


Even tho your guild irks me, I guess you’re all right.


I convinced a friend to help me complete 1 more task as a farewell bonus. We hit Ketras the Bull so we’ve had 2 now. (Sorry @Santandrix, I’m just a little excited over this so I apologize if it sounds like bragging. Not the intention…) Oh and bump because why not.


So 2 ketras on legendary tasks? :sunglasses:


The 2 being Ketras and Death, @death. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, I misread. Congrats.
My death(s) have about 3 months of dust on them.
Yeah that’s all this game is about for me. It’s the collection of troops and kicking ass in gw. Nothing else really matters. Lol, so cya in 3weeks? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, where are my manners…Bump.


Well I got Stonehammer and he went to the shelf. Haven’t even leveled him. And probably a little longer with the way things are looking but hopefully not too much.



Over one hundred legendary tasks? That’s over 3.3 million each plus the 750k or so you all need to finish guild tasks in the first place? Plus you did loads of them the week previously. Can you provide screens of the collected mails please to prove that this isn’t just some bragging BS to try and recruit? I appreciate how amazing the rewards would be in your guild, I mean, look at the requirements!
Adding… Those isn’t a jealous snipe, just a genuine question.


Hi Daniel,

I’m sorry, it was not the intention of bragging. Unfortunately, I only have this capture made last Thursday. Please take my comment as an internal one.


I’d say destroyer didn’t make that all in 1 week, outstanding!!


Hell’s bollocks!
That’s fucking insane!
How on earth do these guys get so much gold?