PS4 Rank #1 [Bracket 1] - Guild Risin'Phreekz Recruitment Post [Recruitment Open]


This is the power of #1 guild xD If my calculations are correct this week we have already done 32 legendary tasks.


Do you catch on fire when you go outside?


no but I see many colors and I feel the urge to match them lul


Just wanted to know why you have taken the picture off? It’s an impressive commitment imo.


as I said, I don’t want to brag and recruit gold diggeres. I edited my first post too. hardcore players are always welcome. cheers!


Dammit and I was gonna screen shot that


I have it!


It’s amazing


As I said in the other gold thread…
Two words…Casual PVP

Its an amazing achievement and you deserve a bump phreekz


Bump up for a great group of people.


Even in the hard guild war days, still finishing strong. Let’s move the thread on up to that deluxe apartment in the sky…


Looking for one player if interested message me here or send me a message on psn gamer tag is Ghaleon.


Two spots open if interested please contact me here or on psn gamer tag is Ghaleon.


Good to hear and see that the guild is still super dedicated and taking the game seriously! Well done on previous feats and most definitely keep it up.

All the best going forward!


Risin’Phreekz #1 PS4 Guild and undefeated in Guild Wars is looking for a few bodies, minimums are 1m gold, 500 trophies, and 1500 seals. If interested please send me a message.


We almost had you on blue day… 29 playing, one didn’t fight and a 0-5, and it was very close. Well done again.


Two spots available. Come join the undefeated team in Guild Wars and get your 1500 gems per week.


Please don’t insult me and my members by sending my players requests to join your guild. It’s not welcome and you really don’t need to behave in such a way.


I have not sent a single message. Not one.


Careful showing pms @Nephilim, it shows the users first and last name.

On PS4 I made mine Pink Floyd so I can share screen shots, I’ll never put my real name in.