Sloth not draining Bandit

I was playing against a team that summoned the bandit twice. Several times the bandit had full mana when sloth cast his spell, but bandit always retained full mana. Not sure how it is possible since bandit does not have a trait preventing mana drain.

its a bug. happen to all WEB spells too.

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This would be interesting, was the Bandit submerged?

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Nope, not submerged. I wonder if his stealthy trait has something to do with it.

Can you please tell me who was on your team when this happened and who was on the enemy team? What gamemode did it happen in?

Hi Cyrup,
It happened in ranked PVP. My sloth team consists of:
Sloth ***
Divinia ***
Yasmine’s Chosen ***
Undine ***
Red/Purple banner.

I don’t remember who was on the enemy team, other than a hero class that summons bandit.

Originally I used Yao-Guai in place of Yasmine’s Chosen, and I’m not 100% sure which of the two teams I was using when this happened.

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