Skeleton using DEF and HP for attack?

I just had a Skeleton do 53 damage to my Valkyrie, his stats were 29 ATK, DEF 27, HP 26. It was more like it did defense plus HP instead of ATK on a 3xskull match. Anyone else notice this happening?

Didn’t your Valkyrie happen to have 53 HP + Armor?
Also, didn’t that Skeleton do more than 1 3-skull match?

Well, my first thought was Trait.
But Skeleton’s extra damage trait only works against Knights.
So maybe Zelarith’s right? There was probably another ninja skull match that you didn’t notice?

Probably two skull matches, and the 53 is a coincidence.

No and no. It was a match 3 only. I purposely left the match there knowing his attack wasn’t enough to kill my troop.

So… Your Valkyrie had more than 53 health and survived it? Then I’ve no solution here…
Did you see a “53” damage displayed or you just let your ennemy play (without looking) and when going back to your screen you had lost exactly 53 health and came to that conclusion?

I seen the 53 pop up.

Well, I don’t know then ! Never heard of any bug like this one.

Okay was just wondering if something similar had happened to anyone else. Playing the same team going to see if it will repeat.