Skull generator team question since 2.0

Hmm did they change it and I missed it?

When you use to use skull generators to spawn a bunch of skulls it did massive damage.

Now I have now used my dragon to armor bust this guys 3 times and have only hit for 3 damage total on gorgatha each time.

I even killed the ancient horror that spawns, only gosh dang reason i lost is due to gorgatha only taking 3 damage at all no matter the size of the attack. very very confusing… when doing the dragon on the ancient horror inflicted 30 damage, actually so its either a bug or a mess up on the troop itself for only taking 3 damage.

Now i feel cheated of the trophies the 58 pts and the rest… Losing rank due to bugs SWEEEEET

-ps post is kinda broken, posted in the middle of the match, and results at end never thought of taking pics, but im sure im not the only one that this has happened too.

sounds like the gorgatha had 3rd trait… only take 25% of damage. skeletons used to up attack but now they up armor instead as well.

right takes 75% but when u match 30 skulls and only do 3 damage theres an issue

not if they are all connected… then its 1 surge and its attack +2 … if they are individual - like 10 match 3s… then it counts separately

some where connected but there were multiple sets, hmmm vaild points… without screenies… errr… and no matter the 3 times i was able to do it no matter how many skulls were created connected or not connected had only hit for 3 dmg as i had to smack him at least 20 times… Gah im weary of trying to test it again don’t want to lose, if it is a bug.

do a test off your battle list - it doesnt count against you.

i have a 21 attack sometimes and do 4 against him.