BD bug - skill doesnt scale with last enemy armor

What actually happened?

He doesnt scale his skill on the last enemy armor, and create just 6 skulls. However he removes the armor from the last enemy.


I have noticed this several times myself. It seems that it doesn’t matter how much armor the last remaining ai troop has, the number of skulls produced always seems to be about the same.

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BD is supposed to create a flat amount of skulls now. This being said, there is a bug where it sometimes create a lot more (got a video where it created 16. It stripped my valkyrie of 27 of armor. The BD had 8 in magic.)

Are you saying it always happens with the last troop?

That’s not my experience - I just ran a PvP battle and BD worked fine on the last troop (where he was the only enemy troop left).

I have noticed on the odd occasion that armour is removed on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th troop but only the minimum skulls are placed on the board. However, I’ve assumed it is because the display is incorrectly showing they still have armour (usually following a BD or Sheggra attack) when in fact their armour is zero.

sort of flat number @Azbra - it does the base plus 1 more skull for every 3 armor points the enemy loses.

@Eika often i will do the 4th guy first, and that works okay. so by last do you mean the last guy on the map or the 4th position?

Thanks for that. Due to description, I assumed they had the bd moved to fixed like sheggra and celestia.

Hey, I mean the enemy troop in 4th position. it only have happened when I have been using my Maw team. I do say this bug happens one out of 10 matches. In a BD/Maw builded team.

I only experienced it with the last troop, @Macawi experienced the same.The bug happened yesterday as well,so it is still there. But it only happening rarely, maybe 1 out of 10 games.