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Sirrian poll! m'lady

   are fedoras the look for sirrian? :sunglasses:


  • yes!
  • No
  • black fedoras are the only fedoras

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Fedoras are the new bald meta.


He needs a Red Fedora!

Black Fedoras ARE the only Fedoras!!!

So sayeth efh313 AND Darth Vader!283A83C6-96BB-4F32-84B6-F259722089FE


Can you tell which is which??? :thinking:



@Sirrian I thought It was Billy Corgan!

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I have a sequined light-up fedora I impulse-bought at Disneyworld a few years back… I’ll try and find it for next time I’m on stream… it’s glorious.


Your fedora is missing something to make it unique, but it need to be something practical and subtle… Something like a bowling ball! :rofl::stuck_out_tongue:

Jokes aside: Maybe a cool botton or brooch.

That is a cheap prop hat from my Costume Closet at school. My REAL black fedora has a gorgeous feather on the left side.

Unfortunately my wife is not a fan so it is sulking in its hat box atm. :cry: