Halloween Contest time

Enter here what you want to see Salty, Cyrup, Ozball, etc. to dress up as for Halloween.
And be nice or the Wrath of the Salty shall falleth on thee!

I’m deciding between 2 costumes to wear to the office for halloween. Really depends on the weather or what’s comfortable.

I think I want to go as Danaerys. This version!



Princess Fizzbang, Mongo, Valkyrie and Ubastet! :slight_smile:

I will be dissapointed if i don’t see a Hyndla costume.

I know the PERFECT costumes!
Oxball as the Wizard of Oz
Salty as Glinda
Cyrup as Dorthy
Sirrian as the Cowardly Lion


Who’s Nim?

Who else works there at Infinity Plus 2?

Kafka! Goldpheonix! Alpheon! Vexx! To name a few. :slight_smile:

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I have never seen them on streaming. Therefore, you do the casting.
We still need:
A Scarecrow
A Tinman
A Wicked Witch of the West

Wrath of the Salty or Salty’s Wrath Sounds like a new weapon come to think of it.
A new weapon for Merlantis. What do you think?

Nimhain as Tinman.

Are you trying to say I’m heartless?


Never! But neither are you a coward sooo…Lion is out too. And you’d look funny as Toto. :smile:

Besides Tinman just thought he didn’t have heart. It was there all the time. :heart:

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@Nimhain , would you rather be cast as the Tinman or the Wicked Witch of the West?

I’m Elsa.

It’s my PAX costume with my partner who is… spider man :roll_eyes:


@Nimhain Could go as Lady Ironbeard. Cause she’s bad ass. :smiley:

I just need to get a hammer.


@Nimhain You have a shield already? Cool…

A ban hammer? :smirk: