Salty's Hair color vote

Ok, everyone, now is your chance to vote on what color of hair Salty will have during the month of March.
And the Nominations are:

  1. Hot Pink
  2. Pumpkin Orange
  3. Apple Red
  4. Bald (ok, who wants to see Salty wear a skullcap for a month?)
  5. Tan
  6. Yellow
  7. Light Blue
    Ok, now is the time to vote.

Where is the green option? St. Patrick’s day! Also, why is this not an actual poll? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Am I allowed to be creeped out? Salty is cool and all, but why is there a topic about voting on her hair color when she didn’t ask for opinions on her hair color?


bald is the only choice!

Perhaps he should be staying out of her hair?



Why is this flagged?
Surely it’s just some light hearted fun?
For that matter, the way OP worded it, it’s actually guessing what you’ll expect rather than telling what it should be.
While players shouldn’t be involved with her private life, I don’t see the harm in this unless Salty objects.

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Remembering back… @Saltypatra was supposed to change her hair color in celebration of every new patch.

I’ve been watching a thread for 15 hours that wasn’t flagged despite calling out at least 5 guilds on PS4.
But something like this gets flagged despite not being a violation of the community guidelines.
Yet there seems to be at least one individual who has the ability to flag posts yet doesn’t actually have the knowledge Required to know what the community Guidelines are. Unfortunately the actual moderators are too busy to mod the junior mods.

Are basic members able to flag posts to the point of being hidden or is that for regulars and above access?

Bullet point number 2:

“Commenting on people’s appearance.”

Which should be read as saying negative or positive comments about appearances.
Hair color isn’t either.

I’m fine with this thread as it stands at the moment. I’m pretty vocal about changing my hair colour, so feel free to cast your votes! I don’t personally consider guessing my hair colour to be actively commenting on my appearance.


Because this is your spirit animal.


I get told that I’m Ramona Flowers a lot!

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I took my GF at the time to watch it in the theaters when this movie came out.
I broke up with her soon after due to her lack of being able to understand how amazing the movie was. :grinning: