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Cosmetic packs sales

I was wondering if the sales of the cosmetic packs have justified any further creations?
I realize it may be too early to tell. But I’m really hoping there will be more available!
Since the ability to choose armor for wear vrs effects I have bought more armor.
So, anymore C packs coming our way? Huh? Please, please?


+1 to this…

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We don’t have any numbers on this yet… our stats guy at 505 has been out on leave, and then out of the office on other business, so we don’t have a reliable work-up of how successful they’ve been.

My first impressions from looking at incomplete data is that they’ve done okay, though.


Yay… assuming ‘okay’ means enough to convince the publisher that they’re worth doing…

In which case, how about some requests for specific arts / looks?

I’d like more armour options:

  • gemstone / crystal armours of various colours
  • more steampunk / gadget armour
  • more minimalist / barbarian style armour (though not at the expense of taste / misogyny)

I’d also like more ‘detail’ options for each race.

Finally - more races:

  • dragonkin
  • devilkin
  • tuskar?
  • albino / skinny-looking
  • ogre?

and so on… what do people think?

If you factor in future sales, as with death knight armor, ‘OK’ can turn into very good. I’d also recommend more mixing between the races. I’d use the lapin ears except for the red eyes.
More wardrobe not limited to armor, hair styles, and markings. Ok just plain more period.
One pleasant observation has been the use of the hair color grey in a surprising number of avatars. It says a lot about the need for more age matching options.
ETA @Jainus a huge yes on the gemstone look!
The current armor is very dull in color and seems to be stuck on only a couple of color palettes.

In the thread where players were posting requests for future avatar options. From that I have:

  • More Avatar Race options for both genders (including undead, Dragon, Gorilla, Daemon, Divine, Mermaid)
  • More hair styles (including long hair and… a mullet)
  • More armors
  • More headwear options (Bunny ears, demon horns, Cat Ears)
  • Option to customize Eye color
  • More tattoo options for all races
  • Ability to have hair and hats together

Absolutely yes! To all. And more color in the armor. It is depressingly similar and limited on pallets.
I’ll search the forum for the thread you mentioned. I swear the search function loves mocking me! I enter X and it shows me A, C, and G.
Were you thinking about the Show Off Your Avatar thread?

I’ll buy one once they hit consoles, and I find one I like.

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w00t? :smirk:

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My concern with adding more cosmetic packs is that they take up a permanent slot in the Store menu for people who are not interested. I don’t think this will scale well. Perhaps a Store > Cosmetics submenu would be in order?


Bigger breast sizes and bikini armors are certain to bring in truckloads of cash.


That’s not where this game will ever go. And an unwise thing to be posting here. Suggest you edit away before the flak justifiably flies for misogyny - even if you were joking, many here will find that far from funny.

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Judging by his post history (especially in the “Sexuality” thread), your words, however well-intentioned, are wasted here. Better to just ignore and move on.

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I was simply stating a fact, not trying to offend or be funny. I wasn’t suggesting anything distasteful, something more along the lines of what Mercy or Thrall wears for the clothing options. As for the body type part, I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to change your avatar’s dimensions, be they male or female, or whatever body part one would desire. There’s nothing wrong with a little diversity. Not everyone on Earth is an “ideal” weight, shape, height, or size, so how is suggesting we are able to choose so enraging, frightening, or offensive to some?

Apologies if my ideas truly did offend anyone, but no apologies if I’m simply being vilified for the sake of Puritan witch hunting.


You were stating your opinion on what sells. And you are right, there are games that sell extremely well based on fantasy sex appeal.
It’s sad when a poster is jumped on because they don’t express the ‘proper’ or ‘popular’ view.
That said it’s not a look I would buy. It would fit in with most of the female artwork already used on the cards. So why not?
ETA As a large breasted woman I find it more telling when people are jumping on artwork depicting my natural body type. Large breasts on a avatar? The horror! Yes read as sarcastic.

Misogyny - dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.
Is see nothing in Extras post indicating this is his veiw. Anymore than any man purchasing, say, Playboy is expressing misogyny.
His suggestions are on target for a large section of the market and can be seen in the artwork currently existing on the cards.
Nor is there any justification for ‘flak’.

As I have already said on several occasions, the fact that female characters are oversexualized while male characters are not is misogynist.
It would be a pity to make derail another thread, but the topic has already thoroughly discussed here : Discussion: Sexuality in GoW

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And so to further the derailling you posted this?
Extras request for a few cosmetic packs resembling the cards is actually smart!
How many times have you seen a card on any game and wished you could use it as an avatar?
Card based avatars could be a huge draw!

I wasn’t offended, but have seen too many threads here descend into acrimony over sexism and sexualisation of images, and so on. I just meant a gentle warning shot, sorry if that came across heavy-handed - and thought I’d get a shot in before any of those correspondents who would be offended got too involved.

Interesting idea, but methinks heroes have to be noticeably different from the troop cards.

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Also, to be fair, I’d like to be able to choose my avatar’s body type to be that of Goblin King to better represent my own self…or at least garnish a laugh. :wink: