Single Troop Defenses

Try 4 x low level troops…I am finding the T2 and T3 teams easier to beat than the T1 right now (due to single troop being replaced with full team), but that just means more trophies!

Easier said than done when you have a high VIP level. I can’t throw out a low defense if I tried. Good to know that spending money on the game actually gives you a disadvantage


Save your next L5 troop tomorrow! I have 4 of the new guardians (Penguin etc) that are all still L5…the last three T3 battles were lower health/armor than the T1 battles, go figure…

I tried it on console last week and unfortunately its a PC only thing. Nothing changed for me at all.
Lol, I did get a lot of revenge battles though which was a good change. :smiley:


In regards to team strengths being inaccurate, your best bet is to restart your game. If it continues happening after reset please let us know.

Try level 10 :S

But yes that’s the plan. Kinda silly to hold yourself back. But if that’s what I’ve gotta do.

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Best decision. Not sure if it was that urgent (I agree that devouring and DM’ing troops are more annoying right now), but I’m all for it.

Gems of War is not about getting easy rewards. Fighting the fights should be the point of this game, otherwise you’re treating it like a chore.

People complain that fighting Famine teams is monotonous. For some reason, fighting single Elspeths isn’t? I honestly don’t buy it. I think most people are just sad that this makes PvP grinding a bit harder.

If PvP is getting repetitive to the point of being boring, I have many options:

  • Explore
  • Arena (not really an option I pick, but it’s an option)
  • Treasure Hunt (same as above)
  • Try to come up with new teams
  • Play another game

My main goal is to have fun… Not being on the top, not working my rear off to go over requirements 10 fold, not doing something I find boring and monotonous just to get further in the game and/or make a good impression on my guildmates. No, having fun while actually playing the game is all that matters.


I actually made Elspeth fun by trying to kill her before killing herself. It was a fun challenge to try to slow her down by baiting skulls.

So…don’t tell me I can’t have fun with Elspeth. Because I can find a way.


This isnt the main reason people do it the main reason is to get more revenge fights for more gold because lets face it after level 500 you get the shaft and gold production drops alot


Fix the pvp gold to not be based on levels


I’m not sure I agree s-wolff. Again, I do it so I can multitask which makes the game more fun for me. Some might do it for the reason you stated and others for another reason. GoW needs to make an easier way to choose the difficulty level.


Exactly, and who gets to decide what counts as fun? Especially now that Guild Wars sets me five unskippable opponents each day, I like to relax with PVP and play against weaker opponents. I get 1/3 the trophies and usually 40% of the gold compared to the 3-trophy fights, but I’m happy with that compromise.


Who said the people complaining that fighting Famine teams is monotonous are only fighting the single Elspeth teams. I used a normal defense for the first day of beast week and all I got was Kerb/GS/FG/Kerb but when I changed to a single troop defense I was getting a variety of different beast teams.


As far as I’m aware you’ll still be able to have 1 trophy fights that will be easier than the 3 trophy ones.

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My last 5 matchups, took the easier 3T because the 1T was much stronger…will probably sort itself out…

Im level 495 and getting 2k+ for most 3t fights and everyone i know over 500 is getting considerably less but revenge fights give more gold which is why i know alot of people were doing this so they could actually make guild reqs its not right to penalize people for playing longer and levelling up and progressing in the game

Simple workaround. 2 troops instead of 1. Still more beneficial than 4 troops.

Have you also fixed the high number of defense wins exploit that some guilds are using?

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If this change was so easy to make, surely it would be just as easy to require 4 unique troops on every team as well.

2xPaladin/Mercy this week. 2xKerb/FG on beast weeks. 2xFamine any other time. 2xCourage before Bone Dragon nerf. 2xMab before she was nerfed. 4xScale Guard on naga weeks.

This is where the PvP monotony comes from, not 1-troop defenses.

And… if PvP reaches the point of “3 choices, all of them have Death Knight”… I’m out. End of story.


Pvp with death knight black manacles has definitely become annoying

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