Single Troop Defenses

Seems a bit broken how implemented, have been refreshing teams and I keep seeing:

T1 Team - Celestasia with 64 life and 68 armor
T3 Team - Dragotaur with 29 life and 42 armor



Im sorry but for all the stuff going on in the game that is getting no attention, like a guild getting more points than is actually possible in guild wars, to throw in a ‘fix’ for something that wasnt actually broken seems like a misplaced set of priorities.


Agreed, considering they said guilds conspiring to help one another was “against the spirit of the game” yet they offered nothing saying they’d do something about it if there was solid evidence. But this this is the thing completely ruining the game as they know it.


I get the idea behind the change and I’m theoretically OK with it. However, implementation is a bit wonky. It looks like my opponent’s defense team is being changed without the power level being updated. This team is fully traited but is showing as a 5k~ power level…

Shouldn’t this team be in the 9k~ power level and not show up? I’m running a defense team of <5k and this is 2 trophy battle.


I credit @ZooKeeper for that change who highlighted the heavy dominance of single Elspeth teams in the Nimhain’s Lair thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes my T3 teams are weaker than my T1 teams now…
Goodbye Bombots, hello Gard farming team!

Dumb idea. The reason I use a 1 troop defense sometimes is to get away from the constant Famine, death mark, devour and buffed op event team. If you want people to stop using a 1 troop defense then give them a reason to stop by giving rewards for using certain defense teams. If I am forced to fight the same teams in every battle I am going to be bored of PvP by Tuesday and I will probably just have to quit playing because fighting the same crap over and over again is not fun.


That, at least, has an easy explanation: it’s simpler to fix the one-troop-team problem than the guild collusion problem.

I feel they give rewards for using a certain team/troops, players going to start complaining they only ever see those troops.

Oh my, I click on a 5,619 Elspeth and get:

Elspeth, Bombot, Hero, Dwarven Miner…Hero has Black Manacles, 49 armor, 46 life, Mythic fully traited…

I think it’s a little easier to say “hey, if we find out, there will be punishment” than to code a game to not let you use one troop. But that’s just me.


Haha I’m about to fight that very same team!

Then make it like console daily tasks where everyone is given different teams to use to get the rewards. Make it like the event gems you get one event gem every time you are using a full mech team and are invaded, I am given one event gem every time I am using a full blue team and am invaded, Some else is given one event gem every time they are using a full Blackhawk team and are invaded.


But apparently, didn’t take the time to ask, “why?”


Hopefully it will even out after reset, just change your 1 troop teams to 4 Level 5 Penguins and we are back to “normal”…


Yep I think something like that you describe would work.

Splitting up the player base and incentivising different things for different players. I think Jainus posted something similar?


Found a single Elspeth team! Pounce!


That fight went like this. Elsie th sac’d the bombot and spawned a War, which was filled from the brown gems generated!

I then won…

@Sirrian famine and death mark are burning your house down and you fix the drapes…again this is a symptom of dull games against the same team and take to long when RNG decides to give you a bath


I am not a fan of this new “fix”. I enjoy setting my defense team low so I can enjoy playing easier fights when I am watching TV or multitasking. If now I am being forced to play much harder defense teams it means I can no longer play this game and watch TV or multitask. This takes away from the fun of the game for me.