Sin of Maraj and Pride = Failure?

There are 3 glaring problems with the new kingdom. Please do not ever let this happen again.

  1. Until Sin of Maraj, every kingdom has had a storyline based on interactions between the hero and an unexpected ally, an epic troop from the kingdom. In this case, it should have been Pride. A storyline with pride was conspicuously absent. Luckily Pride was awarded at the end of the storyline.

  2. The weekly event for Sin of Maraj started. However, the weekly task of getting X turns playing treasure hunt does not award the, “unexpected ally troop,” Pride. Every weekly event up until now awards 3 or 4 of the kingdoms new epic troop.

  3. Pride is not available in chests. I want to ascend the new troop and since it isn’t available any other way. I spent 100 event keys expecting to get Pride. Only Lust, Wrath, and Gluttony are available.

It’s confirmed that the quest giver, Luther, was the intentional troop to get as rewards when doing the event snotstones maps.

Pride is in the event chest, but hes the hard to get Epic from event chests, which there always was one of upon each new kingdom releases. 100 event chests never guaranteed a hard to get Epic.

Hope this help!

I would say there are plenty of copies of Pride in event chests, along with everything else.


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I understand that Luther is the intentional troop.

That is my complaint. Why would it be Luther? He shouldn’t be the main character in the storyline and he shouldn’t be the reward troop. This is the first time this has ever been done.

Why would a “hard to get Epic” be more than 2X harder to get than both of the new kingdom’s legendary troops? That doesn’t seem to make much sense…

The Devs decided that Luther would be the quest giver and that quest givers is the ones that we get as a reward from the event snotstones. Why they decided this, I can’t answer for.

I can neither answer for this, but I think it is because they don’t want any players to get all the new troops easily without spending a good amount of resources (event keys). This makes the most sense. On the other hand you can be lucky and get all the troops out of 20 event keys spent, or so. Sadly RNG God likes to torture us sometimes, more or less.

Also your drop sample of only 100 event keys is not big enough to say that Pride is twice as hard to pull than any of the Legendaries. In fact I believe he is easier to obtain than the Legendaries in a good drop sample. Just to take another example in addition to @RiverSong’s , I opened 465 event keys and got 15 Prides and 6 of each the new Legendaries.

So, are we supposed to be getting Luther from event chests as well?

No, have you gotten a Luther from the event chests?

My guild mates are complaining of getting him and not wanting to waste event keys…

Nobody said anything about this whole day that Luther was in the event chest drop pool, as far as I know. Also I nor my friends got any Luther’s in my/their event keys openings. I do not know about the console platforms tho.

luther isnt in event chests

He is submitting a ticket…

I looked up taransworld and didnt see luther in event chests. But there is a slight chance too few people getting him that the site didnt register himimage