Console Event: Taking Pride

Taking Pride


The dusty roads crossing the Pridelands are full of Bandits, riff-raff and scoundrels from all corners of Krystara, who prey upon the caravans travelling to and from Sword’s Edge, as Finley the Merchant discovered.


Prides of Raksha are often ruled by a matriarch. Sekhma, the Sun Priestess, is one of the most powerful and feared.
She once chased, and took down, an entire column of Knights Coronet – blasting their vanguard with fire from her magical staff, and then chasing down the rest as they fled, tearing them apart with her teeth and claws.

Sekhma will be available only in Event Chests this week, and will be added to Gem, Glory, Guild, and VIP chests in 4 weeks’ time.

Please note this Event only applies to the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

_P.S. Sorry about the delayed post… the website hack last week broke the auto-publish link between the website & the forums ,and we didn’t find out until this morning! But thanks @Rickygervais for holding down the fort with a post while I got this fixed! _


Is bandit the only troop available for glory?

Yes Sekhma will be in event chest only

Yeah, give the console folks 2 glory troops. We want to be pampered, you know.:grin:

Yeah, I meant something else for glory. And it was said that Sir Gwayne would be available for glory that other week, so not mentioning another troop this weel is most unfortunate.

New legendary already? :smirk:

To go with Behemoth SMASH. Yay.

Yep. Sekhma is essentially like Infernal King on crack. Once you go Rak(sha) you can’t go back. :wink:

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Sekhma is not in event chests, I got 4 behemoth :frowning:


When I tested on our office consoles, I managed to get one.

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5 behemoth, finally 1 Sekhma :frowning:

Ten event keys, got her. I’ll stop there. No point burning keys to mythic it. There’s no sound when you cast her spell though.

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115 keys… Mythic. :slight_smile:

And those stat boosts oh she’s making it into the gw team. Tempted to try for 1 more since she has a very high magic.


She gets extra magic from red gems anyway and after trying to get two tesla last week and wasting another 60 keys I’m playing it safe.

But her effect is boosted by other allies magic. So a 2nd one would add a huge amount. Those with Arcane should do great as well with her.

Stop it! I’m resisting…

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Not getting any snotstones for killing raksha in explore. Have killed over 10 (pridelands) and nothing (ps4). Not found any in pvp yet so don’t know about that.


Fight me, I’ve put 4 in defence

Found a couple in pvp but no stones. Anyone else having this problem?

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It’s bugged

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