Show me your birds


Well, you could try to shoo them or install a net to keep them away if you don’t want to… take the matters on your own hands…





it fly

Also it’s red on my browser… didn’t mean to make it blue like razzagor’s :open_mouth:


It appear’s red to me too.



From my balcony… he flat turtle dove
puffy fluffy :smiley:


More birbs posing for their album covers::


Is the first one meant to be a beastie boys reference?


I guess so. Someone asked the same thing about the photo where i got it.


Chickens? Parrots? Owls? Penguins???
Wasn’t the title “Show me your PIGEONS?” :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


I changed it to “will accept other photos” when no one else shared photos

Will change title (plz no photos of thanksgiving turkey roast. Live animals only)


I saved this little guy from my evil cat .


Here’s one to share… for the last few days, this guy has been my 6:45am wake up call.
I snapped a pic of him this morning.
He lands on my balcony, squawks at me through my bedroom window until I get up tell him to ^@#$^% off, and then he flies away.



Birb bullying is real and it needs to stop:


Maybe birb should take a break from twitter.


Also, my profile pic:


The first pictures: A birb from House Baratheon in Game of Thrones.


In melbourne we have a Peregrine falcon nest webcam and got to watch the development of 3 chicks this year. This is Flew the only surviving hatchling the others passed away sadly from Trichomoniasis a parasitic infection spead by pigeons their primary prey in the city.

Isn’t she cute! She has been driven off by mum and dad now to fend for her self in the world!


Wow! I was following the hatchlings and can’t believe they’ve grown up already, it’s great to see at least one survived :frowning: :slight_smile:


I used to have a window desk on a high floor in Melbourne Central Tower and it was awesome to watch the falcons ride the currents up the tower and then stoop down like rockets.

Unfortunately I work in a much shorter building now, so only crows and pigeons pecking at the window.