Show me your birds


@Razzagor Turtle and Rock Doves are introduced species in Australia and are therefore not protected by the RSPCA. In fact some consider them as Pests


Yeah, but aussies should have an organization to protect them from the local fauna…
I mean… your army couldn’t defeat some Emus, i would ask ONU for an intervention if i was you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, I’m in Thailand. I’m glad you came to visit my country, hope you had a great time! ^^

Garuda is quite common in my country, as it’s still an Official Royal Seal to this day, so statues of him can be seen on some government’s building.

Chicken is a very important animal for my country’s history (after the elephant). It played an actual role in the old dependency war, in the form of Chicken’s Fight Club. (sorry for breaking the first rule! :stuck_out_tongue:) It still go on until the last 50 years, as this sport can be very brutal, so it’s considered an animal cruelty and an illegal thing now.

My younger brother is staying in your country, working as a chef, so someday, maybe I could come to visit your country and learn about wild animals there as well! :smiley:


That would be great! We have a lot of interesting animals. But the landscape in new zealand is more interesting. I would definitely recommend visiting melbourne though, don’t bother with Sydney

On the note of birds, signets and their parents on the way to work yesterday


This bird likes sitting in a pot on my balcony. it gets very snug and fluffy sometimes.


I find it worrisome because pigeons can bring friends around and you can have sanitary problems. Just don’t feed it and you can look at it while also avoiding most of the eventual problems.


The anti-pigeon propaganda is real!


Yeah, but it’s for her best. In urban enviroments we can’t really expect that animals won’t feed on trash or carrion and bring patogens or parasites with them.

And if i correctly recall Cyrup mentioned that she can’t bring a pigeon to a veterinary so things can get troublesome even if she decides to keep one (it’s never just one) pigeon…


Veterinarians are for weak animals. Streetbirbs don’t need!


Edit: Huh… i actually forgot to type something here: When the birbs are posing for a Rap Album.


I just saw your response Sheba but i’m based in the UK and my friend recently brought home an injured pidgeon (it was severly injured from some bird of prey).

She called the RSPCA but they declined to tend to it because it wasn’t on the list of wildlife animals they cared for?

Sadly it passed away after 2 days although my friend tried her best to keep it alive :sob:


They bring a lot of friends. I had 2 at first and I did feed them sometimes but after a while they just keep bringing more. I’m up to 50+ pigeons and I can’t avoid feeding them because they eat the seed I put down for the cockatoos, galahs and corellas and they eat the bread I give the ducks.

You can actually get in trouble for feeding them. The council told a friend of mine to stop feeding them or they would take her to court.


This is actually pretty normal for my area :confused:

I live in a suburb which basically has a pigeon infestation and there are literally pigeons everywhere. Maybe I should gently shoo it away next time. They are around anyway, they like my basil pot plants D: I did consider starting a homing pigeon cage recently :grin:


Crows are better Birb Friends. They are smart, they will remember you and sometimes they can even bring you gifts:

You can actually become part of their social group, i sort of remember an article about this but i’m not finding it right now… Also due their good memory if you anger some crows you are in some serious trouble because the whole group will take vengeance.


Crows remember everything and will make you their mortal enemy, hunt you down and destroy you when you anger one of them, therefore they are the better Birb friends!



What? Did you thought that a collective of crows being called a “Murder of Crows” was some kind of joke? They will destroy everything you love first and then kill you. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s possible to live with them around and have a neutral relationship, as wild animals goes they are pretty much used to live around humans in some urban/semi-urban areas.

Just treat them as an Italian Mob family, do some favors, share some food, be respectful and don’t make too many questions if they bring you a gift. You don’t need to know all details about that gold tooth with fresh blood you just received… Just wash it well, clean any fingerprints and keep it well hidden for a couple months, just to be safe. :sunglasses:

Pingeons on the other wing will crap on your property, bring more pigeons to crap around, spread diseases and parasites…


We haven’t shared anything with them (yet), but yes, they are abundant in our area…


We used to have pigeons. There would be 20-30 of them trying to pile into the bird feeder at one time.

Then the hawks discovered our yard.

We no longer have pigeons.



Ok @Razzagor you win.

I woke up to some serious cooing this morning and there were 2 pigeons checking out the shadows made by pot plants, as if it was some prime nesting territory :roll_eyes: