Show me your birds

They like to sit on the balcony near my house and get all fluffly like fluff balls. Yes, I’m serious. plz share pigeon photos. Birds are also good too

thanks :smirk: :bird:




I’m disappointed, I was ready to wake up on Friday to a host of pigeon pictures.

In that case, I will also accept general bird photos.

Despite what it seems the comic makes no apology to machism, in fact, it mocks every “super manly man” in medias like videogames, movies and such.

Have fun @Cyrup. :slightly_smiling_face:


I love it!! You know, this is something I genuinely think about doing every day :eyes:

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Organizing the pigeons until you find the fattest one? Uh… ok… i hope you find your fattest pigeon and treasure every moment with it. :sweat_smile:


I have a squirrel pic eating bird seed, that’s close.


Birds, birdseed, I will accept. I love it.

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I have a lot of pidgeons right in front of my windows, but sadly I don’t own a smartphone, so I cannot provide any pictures.

However, I can instead link you to a most amazing story about a pidgeon.:blush:

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Judgemental pigeon:


Somewhere, there is a pigeon statue waiting for Cyrup’s visit:


I have hundreds of pigeons but everytime I get close enough for a pic they get scared and fly away

It’s a bit hard to see but here’s a Cockatoo playing with a cat toy


And here’s another one eating



Don’t spoil this pigeon thread with pictures of your…
(sifts through hat with puns)
Too dirty.
(sifts once more)
Not on this server.
(sifts because rule of 3)
Jesus himself, would come down to wash my mouth with soap.

Oh well. If I had a cockatoo, I’d name it mohawk.


I try to take a picture of pigeons at the Penglong’s … I mean Chinese temple near my house. But they’re either too high or to fast, and my camera is not suitable for it. Here’s the best picture I have, there is a bunch of them sitting on the top of the pole.

As a bonus, here’s a picture of their relative in my neighbour’s urban pen.

Also, something cool related to bird I want to share. It’s a decoration from royal ceremony. A Garuda statue!


Amazing photos, thanks for sharing. This Garuda statue is very cool! :hushed:

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It’s a real life Garuda!!

OMG i missed the notification for this thread you guys are great! I will see if I can dig up some photos of the pet cockatiels I used to have at home

@TimeKnight I believe you are in Thailand, I found a lot of chickens when I went there last year. I took a lot of photos. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Is it a time of pigeon, that bird?

The RSPCA (out wildlife care) won’t accept pigeons if they are injured in Australia. :frowning:

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I think so? I’m not even sure how it is in Germany, but I know that in the UK pigeons are cared for by wildlife care (because I follow the Wildlife AId channel on youtube and they always rescue a lot of pidgeons out of the weirdest situations).

Wait a minute… You are trying to tell us that there is an organization to protect Australian Wildlife from humans and not the other way around? :scream:

What happens if you are approached by this menacing “birb”?


Is he the one whoo asks?