Show me your birds


Hey, pigeons are cool too.


The bird bath is made from an upturned dustbin lid bought on line :grin:


Adorable!!! Thank you for sharing :heart:


I love birbs. I used to have a flock of magpies that I would feed. They were super affectionate little weirdos. I loved them so much I’m currently getting a tattoo of a magpie on my forearm!


This cracks me up.


Pigeon me this, Batman


IMG_0520 IMG_0531
Resident swans wintering in balmy Mill Bay, BC


Lovely :smiley: They are very gracious :smiley: update on the pigeons, these ones were a bit cold I guess (idk its meant to be summer). not as appealing as swans but I think turtle doves are cute.


White storks (ciconia ciconia) this summer

Some hawk (either a goshawk of a sparrowhawk) hoping to get some of our chickens at my parents place

Great tits (parus major) last week

and great spotted woodpecker (dendrocopos major)

and very shy, easily frightened grey headed woodpecker (picus canus)

and a fieldfare (turdus pilaris)


Something that looks like goosander (mergus merganser) judging from my book of birds in Latvia

and wood sandpiper (tringa glareola)


Native iP2 ducks (officus rubberius) in their natural habitat.

P.S those are some fantastic images, thank you for the scientific birb names and beautiful images of native birds from your area!




Holy cow @Jonathan you have definitely found the perfect date sim for @Cyrup !!!


I have actually already played this.

And thoroughly enjoyed it. In the story, my character quit school after getting bad grades and eloped with a coffee coloured racing pigeon to go on an quest to find the ultimate pudding.


Cyrup you need cute(lery) birbs on your place.


:smiley: :smiley: Thank you for sharing, happy friyay!


Visiting our backyard yesterday.


It must be a bird; it’s eating the birdseed. :rofl:


Someone’s having a beach party…

But the real champions are these little ones that I affectionately call “chirp-chirps” because they are so small.

Bravely running out into the ocean for a split second’s worth of digging into the sand for food…

… only to quickly run away for their lives as each ocean wave comes rolling in.

They do this over and over again, repeatedly. For running away with only their two feet, they move awfully fast (surprised I got some semi-clear shots of them sprinting around with just a smartphone camera app). And then back they go again for wave after wave. It’s mesmerizing to watch.

These little ones appear to be called least sandpipers (Calidris minutilla).


Oh they are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing :heart_eyes: In my hometown (not Melbourne) we get a lot of Seagulls and plovers by the ocean.