Should PvP Tiers be Fixed Point Amounts?

  • PvP Tier Points Should Be A Standardized Set Amount per TIER
  • PVP Tier Points are good as they are.

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I think the problem is more complex. I’d like to have a wider range of choices than just “pick one of these teams and we give you dramatically more points for 3T”.

I think I ought to be able to turn on Delve-style handicaps that put me at a disadvantage to get bonus points. Doesn’t that sound more fun than “Well a fire bomb team is 60 points but this Rope Dart team’s only 31”? What if you could get 500 points and blow through every rank, but to do so you had to fight a level 100 team that Entangled and Webbed when it did skull damage?

What if there were a leaderboard that counted how many unique teams you used to beat the highest challenge? That’d be a fun puzzle, wouldn’t it?

There are so many good ideas that are less complicated than trying to describe a fair, functional point system.


The devs love their complicated scoring systems. They seriously overthink most of these aspects. Simple is sometimes better. I agree with most of your points and they could just use the system for casual pvp in ranked pvp where you can adjust the difficulty from normal to max for resource multipliers. The system is already there, and it would be better than what we have now which is trash. I’m ditching my high level account because it’s just impossible to keep up with reqs doing extra work for it.

I couldn’t pick an option because I don’t agree with either of them. PvP points the same for everyone is a bit extreme. My thoughts are they just need to adjust the minimum and maximum points that can be awarded for 3T battles. Currently the minimum is 31 and the max is I think 70? This is ridiculous to have a difference of more than double. Simply increase the minimum and reduce the maximum slightly and this problem is fixed. I’m not going to bother speculating on what the min and max should be but certainly needs adjusting from what it currently is.

Why? I know 3 trophy PvP battles are easier for a level 1000 than a level 100 but level 1000 people have put more time and effort in to this game to get where they are.

Of course PvP points should be the same for everyone. It is bull that I get punished for getting all my troops level, traited and put in the effort to help my guild finish all the tasks.

The premise behind the Dev’s thinking is a good one. It just needs adjusting since 4.3.

Devs want to give a bit of a helping hand to low-mid level players. I can understand this because if they have basically zero chance of making the leaderboard they are more likely to quit and give up the game completely. Encouraging low level players is good for the game. What’s good for the game is good for us and for the Devs too.

But they don’t need more than double of a helping hand.

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Problem: those points determine position on the leaderboard.

A person who has played for 4 years, has every troop, etc. is going to get less points per PvP than a person who has meticulously avoided joining a guild and Soulforged exactly the meta team. That’s a different kind of time and effort, but the leaderboard is one place I absolutely do not believe in “helping newbies catch up”. That’s the thing all this endgamey work is supposed to give you access to.

I don’t like the leaderboard, but I think endgamers belong on it.

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