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Should I be looking for a new guild?

Not having any friends on GoW I joined through the search menu.
Just hit level 300 today.
I play a few hours a night on the weekdays. Few more than that on the weekend.
VIP 6 and since I don’t currently play anything else than this on XBOX I drop my fair share of $$.

The guild I am in has no chat. Currently sitting around rank 415 for the past month.
17/30 are active based on gold donations.
12/30 are level 1000+
7/30 are doing 1500+ seals a week (including myself)
If trophies mean anything I am ranked 2nd in our guild with 175.

As far as tasks go -
Blue = maxxed
G,R and Y are 7/12
P = 10
B = 9

I don’t want to seem unappreciative towards the folks who have donated a lot of gold to upgrade those tasks. I only donated 50k last week. I’ve been trying to focus on getting kingdoms to 10. I pay real $ to get added souls, gold and gems each week and still find my pockets short to donate anymore.

Just looking for forum advice. Shut my trap and be happy where I am or try to upgrade? I haven’t left where I currently am yet.

Thanks for the time and advice.

Trying is free i guess but it seems talloze do about the same

One of our sister guilds that has a req of 100 trophies / weeks completes all the tasks and often do a few LTs. And reach the 40K seals each week. But they have a good team right now with everyone active. I don’t know how their guild chat is but they are on the Discord server of our alliance.
Not trying to recruit you. They are full with a waiting list.
But it is something you might get considering your level of activity.
It all depends on what kind of guild you want.

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Yes…we just opened three spots for active daily players a few minutes ago.
Our entire team is strong and I run a tight but fun ship…a lot of us participate in daily chat, give tips and have soared in the rankings in less than 30 days. DAZZLEBUSH BANDITS…let me know if you’d like an invite :grinning:

Most weeks we hit 40K seals, complete Minimum 4-5 of the guild tasks weekly, we’re ranked in the high 800’s…and we were ranked in the 1000’s two days ago if that tells you anything :grinning: every member is active, otherwise they get the boot. And we are committed to moving up to a top 100 spot asap.

I think -=GiB=- would be a nice fit for you, click on the link to see what we have to offer.


I have several systems to address the social side of gems beyond just basic guild chat.
There are many great guilds available and if your in one were it feels like your doing the bulk of the work.
You shouldn’t feel guilty about seeking something better. Every member needs to pull their weight.
It’s up to the GM to make sure this is happening and hold those accountable who are not.

In the end it all comes down to were your happiest, loyalty is huge and I respect that.
However no one should be mad at you if you give proper notice if you decided to move on.
Yet as you already mentioned. Due to lack of chat activity, it most likely will fall on deaf ears.

I hope you find what your looking for and that my time has been helpful.
Feel free to add me to your friends on Xbox regardless of what you decide to do…

RipclaW GiB

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