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Should i be banned?

So as made clear by @Darkness apparently i should be banned… So i figured i would help out.

Should i be banned?

  • Yes
  • No

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Feel free to discuss

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Of course not, dont listen to what your enemies wants. They always wants the worst for you. We have talked about this brudda, before…


stopping by to insert the obligatory…lel

No, I think people just want you to stop playing the victim. Honestly, I think in doing so it just incites people further. That’s how the internet works.

I think if you stop taking things personally and feeding into it then it will also stop. I thought you were a great contributor for a while but now it seems like it’s always a pity party.


I am not playing the victim tho… I am reacting to a comment made by someone and that comment was made simply because i disagreed with them

Hell no! Now you’re twisting what I said! I said you should be banned because you’re a toxic influence on the forums. I even specifically said that

So don’t make this about disagreeing with others. It’s about antagonizing behaviour, twisting what others say and playing the victim!


And your comment was in response to my post where i disagreed with you so i am not twisting anything. I wasnt even “abrasive” with my post. I simply shared my experience and that prompted you to say you didnt know why i havent been banned for my toxic trolling

Again, hell no. Nonsense again.

It was in response to this:

Where you explicitly made yourself the victim again!

Ok so you didnt say the only reason i win against wisps was “due to luck and no skill”?

Never said that!

Did say it about myself though (the lucky part that is)… :slight_smile:

Really? Then maybe this is all a misunderstanding on my part and if so i will freely admit it and apologize

This was a response to this

So please explain to me how this isnt you saying i get lucky and no skill involved and i sincerely mean that i am not being sarcastic

I’m quoting my full reply here. You’ll note that it includes a quote by @Clark, which IMHO is a fairly clear indication that I am responding to him and never say anything about you. He may reply/refer to you, but I do not. I also clearly formulate my response in broad terms to avoid pointing at anyone (if it was interpreted otherwise then maybe I wasn’t as clear in that regard as I had intended). In fact, later on in that topic (in a post that I quoted just above yours) I specifically clarify that my comment with regards to luck refers to how I feel about beating Wisp.

Ok just so we are clear a supporting comment to a contrary response To my post is not a response to me?


WTF is this…



It is exactly what it says.

Sure, let’s go back to your favourite topic. It’s all about you of course. :roll_eyes:

My comment was about the fact that I feel that the most important factor in beating Wisp is luck, which is not my preferred play style. I want to play this game strategically, not just purely counting on luck.

But let’s just end it here OK? You’ve had your weekly victim fix and your opportunities to twist words and intentionally misquote someone and I’ve said my piece about your (IMHO) toxic influence on the forums.

No need to rehash it all and repeat all arguments again…


Lol and you say this?

As tho it isnt true. And as i said i will gladly discuss this via PM with you if you are willing (which i would be surprised if you are)

No response huh? I am not surprised. You are perfectly willing to publicly say how toxic i am and ask for me to be banned but you refuse to discuss our differences privately and perhaps work out a way to coexist. Good form

Can you all fight in PM please?

Honestly, no one cares. Just stop whining an it’ll pass. The more you complain that you’re being treated unfairly, the more it will happen. If you just go back to posting as you used to then it will pass. As long as you fixate on it, it will encourage others to attack you. And that’s all you’re doing, inviting others to attack you.

I’m not having a conversation with you about this. It’s friendly advice. Take my advice or don’t.


Ok… Thanks. I am gonna close the poll and hopefully the devs decide to follow the will of the people. I will comment no further

@Saltypatra @Ozball please do as you see fit

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