Should Entangle counter Agile?

I mean it just makes sense.


Stun counters Agile, and that’s good enough. Introducing little special cases like this just needlessly complicates the game with no appreciable benefit. For instance, it doesn’t make sense for something to be frozen and on fire at the same time, but why nerf it, especially when the underlying mechanics work together so well in game?


On what planet does making one obvious cancelling mechanism “needlessly complicate” the game? /rhretorical

I swear half the comments you make are just for typing practice and trolling.

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Because it opens the door to an endless supply of, “But shouldn’t xyz stop abc from happening???”

For example:
“Why does silence stop Lance Knight from casting ‘Joust’ when it doesn’t require him to say a word?”


So because you can think of other changes, that makes this suggestion invalid? That doesn’t make an iota of sense.

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Because it’s only “obvious” in a literal sense. In the abstract, effects in the game don’t interact, so creating a system of interactions that doesn’t currently exist is complicated. Whether it’s “needlessly” complicated is up for debate, but to hand-wave away the entire discussion because “it just makes sense” is a facile argument.


It doesn’t. Agile depends on footwork, while Entangle only ties your hands, preventing you from hitting your opponents.

If you assume Entangle incapacitate you completely, it shouldn’t stop with Agile. It would mean you shouldn’t be able to cast any spell that supposedly requires body movements. It should stop any extra turns (for the same reasons as frozen). There would be many other traits beside Agile that would be affected. Either you consider all of those, or you let go of Agile as well.


Knock it off. You asked a question, I answered. Can I participate in a discussion without you throwing a tantrum? I have been completely civil.

Rasper and Amadan expounded on my original point well enough, but I’d also like to include: If such rules were included, which “just make sense” to enough people, then new players would have all of these team-building special cases and little things to consider that aren’t otherwise documented in game.

Does having Entangle counter Agile actually provide any value to the game, when Stun’s raison d’etre is countering passive traits, or does it just add a layer of “this is something you have to remember as an exception to every other system in place”?


Your original argument was that it “needlessly complicates” the game. That is a laughable and objectively false comment.

When I called you on it, you changed your argument and expanded it into all kinds of new areas. Funny that. Isn’t that kind of how trolls operate? Byebye now.

Yeah, painting me as a troll is much easier than admitting you don’t have a response. I really hope someday you’ll learn to take criticism without collapsing into a whining manbaby, for your own sake and the sake of those around you.


I agree with Zuboki entirely here. If you’re short sighted enough to not see how that it needlessly complicates the game, that is no fault of his.

It complicates the game because you will start have 2, 3, 4 abilities the counter specific things. why do particular traits need more then one counter?

Stun is already the most powerful trait in the game with only 17 troops that can counter stun and 9 the can either cleanse themselves or allies.

It’s like saying that entangle and silence should do the same thing. If im entangled i cant move right? So why can i get mana?

I think you need take i step back and think a lot more i depth about what you saying before you make these posts. You must have had a bad experience with agile playing a skull spam team. Maybe try a different approach and try changing teams and counter the enemy. With the release of the event system i have been using more then 1 team lately and countering teams make for quicker and more productive games.

Would you have used Sooth/Mab/Valk/Mab into a team of impervious? No you would swap teams otherwise you would be there for 25 minutes and achieve nothing.

What they said. It would open the door to many other things that would further complicate the game. Entangle already reduces a troop’s attack to zero. That’s already quite powerful.

To counter agile, use stun, or spell damage.

I’m also against the idea in the opening post. And @KrudlerTheHorse I think you need to calm down, no one said anything unkind, just someone disagreed and you immediately started using the t-word.

I agree that entangle could maybe negate agile, in concept. There are any number of justifiable conceptual cases for mini-rules:

  • can’t be frozen AND burned
  • diseased troops can’t heal
  • undead troops can’t get disease or death mark
  • burned troops lose armoured or stone skin
  • frozen negates agile
  • dragons and daemons can’t be burned
  • fey should take double burn damage
  • and so on

But as many others said: this complicates the game beyond the core point of each of those statuses - makes it harder for new players to learn. Exceptions are also disproportionately hard for devs to code, and also far more likely to make us some new bugs.

Let’s leave it as it is please.


I actually think the game could benefit from some more complication. Everyone says it’s too easy, don’t they? I’m in favor of both immunity traits countering multiple effects, and effects countering multiple defenses, both to broaden the counters to any particular strategy, and to even out the value of individual traits.

Complex relationships between troops deepens the strategy aspect, rather than there simply being one troop that’s the best at each role, one and only one troop that hard counters another troop or category of troops. There should be multiple possible counters to each troop or trait, allowing a broader variety to be viable.

The very tiny proportion of players that show up on this forum may have said that on occasion - though for every person that wants a challenge, there’s a person that wants to farm easily to build their collection or meet their guild tithe.

In general, I think making the game more complicated and harder would not improve it for the mass audience, or help it grow / keep players and make money.

This I’d support, to simplify and streamline things - and can be easily done in the game engine and the trait description text, with no hidden or oblique side rules. Yes to this: Immune should block Disease and Poison, and dump the Sturdy trait. Insulated should block Burn and Freeze, and dump the Fireproof trait. And so on. And Mana Shield should block Mana Drain, and be on more troops. And so on.


Wouldn’t it make just as much sense for Agile to counter Entangle? :scream:


This post is so ironic. Agile and entangle are both counters to skull spam.

now that gave me a smile :grin:

we should have introduced a new trait that has a “Chance” to prevent a debuff(s)

so far we only have ones that prevent them 100%, how about a less reliable %s? but more vast list of preventable traits :smile:

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well, technically, if you are agile enough, you could dodge everything, including spells. you could also get multiple extra turns.