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Bug with attack boost (Justice)

The attack boost does not affect on entagled ally.

Example: If your ally got “entagled” status, and you using the attack boost with Justice (Ice Surge spell), the entagled ally will not get the attack boost.


thats how it works for any type of attack boost to an entangled unit, i think
same with giving mana to silenced unit
and im suspecting probably same with webbed and magic bonus


Entangle has had a long and messy history, but that’s currently how it’s supposed to work, as far as I know:[quote=“Sirrian, post:1, topic:9573”]

  • ENTANGLE: This is no longer removed by Attack buffs, in fact it now stops any Attack buffs applying while in effect. Web works similarly with Magic Buffs.
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This is intended. Spherix jumped in here and linked the source of the information, but I figure it might be nice to go a bit more in-depth.

Back in the day, due to the nature of attack gain and how Entangle was coded, gaining attack would take your original attack value and set it to base plus buff. Which effectively removed entangle.

If my assumptions are correct, they basically just added a bit of code to entangle to prevent it from gaining attack. Which, again, is simple and obvious stuff, but damn, it was effective.

However, this makes it so that troops that are entangled don’t see the increased attack at all. YET AGAIN. Something obvious. Why am I saying these obvious things?

Well, because at this point it would be a lot more complicated to change the code to have it capable of storing and changing the attack value without it causing Entangle to function as it did previously.

I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for entangled troops to be able to come out of being entangled with the attack buffs that they got while entangled.

Nor would I waste my words asking for that change. Too much effort, not enough reward for the time input, higher priorities, etc. It’s functioning and fairly well balanced as is.

But yeah. That’s why it is this way.