Shining Pets - Alternative Coloured


I am a lot into Pokemon lately. Here you find something that is called for Shining Pokemons, these are Pokemons that is a lot rarer and harder to find than the original ones, and is indicated by having a different color than the original one.

I was thinking that it would be really cool to have this in GoW when it comes to Pet Rescues. Make some of the Pets, Shining, alternative color from the original, that is extremely rare to come by. IMO that would have turned Pet Rescues even more interesting, especially for those of us that loves to collect.

We do neither need total new artworks for this either, the original unpainted artworks will do, but the colors of the choosen pets must be changed.

The word “Shining” is often used by the Pokemon Company when it comes to Pokemons, so perhaps we could find another word to describe the rarer pets in GoW.

I hope some of you at least, likes the suggestion.

Like a cosmetic upgrade/variant that won’t affect bonuses?

Mostly a cosmetic option for the pet, copies of it counts as the original one. But after you have found the Shining Pet version you can choose in the pet menu for that particular pet, what version/color you want to have active. When you have found the Shining version of a particular pet, you can’t find it again. But they are super hard to come by.

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We could call them Sparkle Pony Pets.


Or the Glittering Walruses. :rofl:


I think cosmetic goals for the game is needed, i’m All for it.

+1 for a Glitter Walrus pet. I suppose a Sparkle Pony would be okay, too :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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I can see the appeal. But how much RNG do we need here lol…


^That’s, more or less, what I was going to say. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the idea. But, this game is becoming RNG of War (or Gems of RNG, if you prefer), and I’m getting a bit exhausted by it all.