Sharing a list of players who defend with strong team?

i’m not so sure about this but…let’s talk about it!

When i attack, i already have list of players that i never play with… those with 3X troops with globe, 3 or 4 Jarl, or venoxia, etc… i have already eliminate about 15 players that i ussually avoid for 10 GP…

those players choose to defend and it’s ok with me…but i don’t have deal with them…

So, my point is, should we share the names of those players ?

good point: you will already knows who to igrone
bad point: players who defends will hate this list!! once you are on, you are out!

let’s talk about this!!

I don’t know… Calling out names isn’t much better than using triple venoxia in my opinion…

And besides, what if they change their defending setup?

Frankly, I think this stinks. This sounds an awful lot like a pariah list just because you don’t like someone’s team. Count me out.

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Why would you ever do this ? If you don’t wanna fight pay 10 gold and go on.

Your idea does not have any logic. All players can change their defenses. Players are free to play the way they find most useful :unamused:

Suggest working on your game play, or if under level 100, staying within ~100 levels of your own level in PVP. There isn’t a team on here that isn’t beatable with good game play, a decent team and the AI working on the other side.

No witch hunts. Not ever. Keep your own counsel if you want, but publicly naming people in what is perceived as a negative light will get your post edited or removed by the mods or devs.

This is regardless of the fact that there’s is nothing wrong with defending with a strong team.


The moment you make a list of people without their consent, “calling them out” so to speak, I’ll flag that post :smiling_imp:

From the FAQ:

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Pretty sure the OP was simply asking, so try not to get so riled up people. :sweat_smile:

But I essentially agree with the rest of the posts here. No one should be shamed because of the teams they choose to defends with. They also aren’t hurting anyone accept maybe your saved gold.

Not to mention it’s all a mute point, many players won’t experience the same players as you. Not to mention their teams could change anytime from tomorrow to a month from now, and you’ll never know.

Personal lists are fine, there’s nothing wrong with that, but involving others to make a stand against teams you share a personal dislike towards seems a bit extreme.


On the other hand, if you’re going to make a discussion around it: “man, so-and-so’s defense team of x, y, z, and q troops just blew me away, I had no chance! Good job dude. Now, if I were to meet them again, maybe I’d try this strategy instead…” That would be one thing. But I agree with everybody else, shaming others publicly just for having a particular defense strategy isn’t cool.

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Exactly, in the end it all depends on the wording and spirit of the discussion.

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Personally I don’t have a problem with a list like that but I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Well, if such a list were made, I don’t know how effective it would be. I’d probably be on that list since I win more than half of my defends. However I do change my defense team occasionally so you never know what you’ll face.

Also, who decides that a certain player has a killer team worthy of “THE LIST”?? What if a noob player comes up against my Hero/Nymph/Owlbear/Shadow Hunter and is demolished by them. He puts my name on the list because he couldn’t beat this team, but more experienced players would likely roll right over them. (…oh and btw, that is not my current defense team :wink:)

Why not?
Can’t decide on a fitting hero weapon?

I change my defend team every couple of days … hope I don’t make the list :stuck_out_tongue:

You can put me on the list. I will never put it easy for y’all. The game is already easy enough.

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Agree hugely with your sentiments… but can’t resist the nit-pick - did you mean a ‘moot point’ (being one of no consequence and only of some hypothetical use) or did you mean a ‘mute point’ (made silently, I can only assume)?

:smile:[quote=“Serale, post:16, topic:1746”]
You can put me on the list. I will never put it easy for y’all

That’s the charming and friendly @serale we all love :smiley:

i didn’t expect so many responses…but…

my first sentence was: i’m not so sure about this but…let’s talk about it!..

my point was just to know if sharing a list of players who defend with a strong team (all dragons, 3X+ orbs, 4 jearls, etc) could be useful to the communiity…

Since i already do share a list with a few players, why not share it at large ?

I already share this list and find it very useful… no need to spend 50G to scout a player to knows he defends with 3 venoxia and globe…

Maquis has a good point: who has to says who got a strong teams ?

oh and btw… those of you who got check with a strong team and got flag, there is no way you got attaked anymore…once on the list, you will always be ignore…this is the goal of the list… you are on it, you are not someone to be considered…

well this is exactly why you’ve been flamed in this topic. Even if you share this only among your friends you never give someone the opportunity to change their setup and be attacked.
And what do you do when YOU were attacked by a player on the list? You don’t take revenge and thus mis out on the loot? I say very shortsighted and your loss.

i have being flame ? was not aware of this…try revise this post!

as for you or anothers players being on my list… it’s just too bad for you… i will pay 10 GB to play with someoneelse once you are on my list…that i will share with my friends,

Changing your troups is worthless now! you have been selected as a no go… a player to avoid

when i got attacked by a player that i don’t play with (on my list), I ussualy try to defend against him