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Share your Maugrim Woods team!

This is my new favorite Maugrim Woods team, with this team I win most of the matches, so here it is.

Out of all of those troops, only Druid is a mythic-ascended troop (only need one more Kerberos to ascend him to mythic).
Fenrir is there to give attack (and life) to allies, and Warg is a great Valkyrie alternative (soul-wise).
Druid, everyone knows why he’s good so no detail here, and I like how they increased Kerberos’ devour chance from 25% to 50%, makes him a even better troop now, I like how he summons Wargs now instead of those lame useless Ghouls.
Hopefully I get the appropriate traitstones for Kerberos to unlock the other two traits.

What’s your favorite Maugrim Woods team and why?