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Invasion (Maugrim Woods)

Hi everyone, like every monday it’s the time to share team and this week is not a easy one, the choice are very limited.

Im going to use



@awryan so what are you having success with so far? and will it hold out into the higher level towers?

(the selection this week is rubbish)


I disagree respectfully. Don’t believe Wulfgarok will be very useful against towers.

Lots of heavy dmg, mana color specific troops available.
I think I’m gonna use my bench this week, bring in subs depending on tower set-up.

Hero weapon and Warden class should work well (Beast bonus so Fenrir can buff and hero becomes a secondary tank behind Wulfric)

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Wulfgarok not there for devour but to boost att and magic and also to remove barrier or finish a troop

Just to save you waiting, @awryan posted his current invasion team in another thread - Wulfric/ Hope’s Crescent/Spiritdancer/Fenrir, trident banner.


I agree the stat gain is tempting… but Wulfgarok is very expensive just to remove a barrier and doesn’t hit hard enough to dent a tower much…

I tried it and it work fine since my wulfric isn’t mythic and doesn’t kill tower in one shot, wulfgarok still hit 45 and is enough to finish the troop

For now it working well but i might need to change it when i will be further

Fenrir is mana blocked…

Hero can hit far higher than Wulfgarok though

Yeah i tried it but didin’t like it

No, not really. Nothing blocks green, and Spiritdancer creates green.

Wait- isn’t Hope’s Crescent Green/Red?

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Yes it is…

Apologies - I checked my own invasion team for reference, forgetting that i’ve changed it up to use Mang instead - so you were right, although I didn’t find Fenrir was blocked too much if you managed to cast Spiritdancer.

Currently using Mang/Spiritdancer/Wulfric/Fenrir, trident banner.

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At the moment I am using:

Sir Wulfric
Totem Guardian

Even with the no yellow covered, it is working alright so far :slight_smile:


Up until stage 8 this team is awesome and the new weapon is better than Mang with Archer class that gives it 5 more magic so 15 more dmg!

Hope Crescent
Spirit Dancer

I haven’t start stage 8 yet so can’t tell, but until tower have over 90 HP, Hope crescent= one shot kill


We have a bet in my guild. And if my team wins then I don’t have to do any invasions this week. So I’ll be waiting until Sunday to actually use the build. But it’s the best I could think of with a crap selection. I’m welcome to feedback from those that used it and found a better option though… If there is.

I don’t want him full until I need him full. :wink:
Like the first 2 troops go down. Otherwise it’s a situational call. Fenrir can work against the new weapon’s cast if not used right.
I kind of just threw him in cause he’s not worthless like the rest of the Warg troops.

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My Team for this Week, with 100% Winrate up until now :slight_smile:


Up until what tower level?

That’s a really nice display of gems icons :open_mouth:

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