Shahbanu to fix

The problem is:
If you made a team like this:

While everyone is charged up, perform that order:

  1. Three Wishes on Shahbanu - Shahbanu is charged again.
  2. And repeat Three Wishes, and again and again …
    In a short time we will have everyone 1000\1000\1000. Even some genie will be killed, Shahbanu will summon another. It is absolutely immortal team.
    I think that not a balance here.
    Thank you for attention.

It’s a broken mythic that won’t see much playtime

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yes 5 mins later…

I can assure you this team is not immortal. I just lost my first test match with it. I filled my Shahbanu once, and the cast misfired and handed a board full of gems to the AI.



I’ve moved this to the feedback section of the forum so the appropriate team members will see it/other players can find it and discuss if they like :slight_smile: