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Server Hamster Died

Did someone forget to feed the hamster in the wheel seems like all services are down for mobile and PS4.

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Thank goodness for monster hunter world! :grin:

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I had some issues over here too. Maybe PC’s server hamsters are attending to the funeral service of his brethen… :thinking:

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We were just fine a few minutes ago. PS4 in Canada.

On a related but unrelated note, my site is undergoing DNS issues as well, and some services (My Collection for everyone, and for many people the entire site) will be down until service has been restored.

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Hello everyone, I have passed this on. Thanks for the heads up!

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HI All,

Currently investigating:

  1. Database is healthy
  2. Servers are healthy
  3. Server Status page is giving me a DNS error (weird!)
  4. gemsofwar.com is giving me DNS error too (makes sense, given 3)
  5. Able to play on all mobile/pc devices in our office

My initial guess is that there might be a DNS error affecting some people, and it just hasn’t affected the DNS cache for our office yet.

TL;DR: Server Hamster is alive and well, I think, but uncontactable by some folks… I’ll continue investigating


Have a few people in our guild who have been having connection issues for a few weeks now, rendering ~1/4 of every hour in game unplayable. Could it be related to that?? I have asked them to contact support so that it can be looked into more.

I have gotten a couple of errors connecting to server in between fast explores, seems to be working every time i hit the retry button. not a common thing, but has happened a couple times in the last little bit.image

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Thank Godness. Not the only one having this error. It’s all I’m getting

After some more investigation

  1. There are definitely some DNS errors intermittently returning from gemsofwar.com
  2. The game itself is not seeing much decrease in traffic (less than 1%) so it appears most people are playing without issue still
  3. All servers/databases are still at full health

I’ll continue taking a look and keeping an eye out for what’s up, focusing on the DNS issues, I think. I’ll report back in this thread if I find anything. It’s most likely some fault in in a highly-trafficked gateway or DNS cache, but we’ll see what we can discover.


I noticed this as i went to check on arcanes lol.

All of sudden it starts working again for now. For a moment there I was really afraid my account got hacked

I think you may be right on this as I can access the game and website over Verizon LTE but not my local internet. However everything on local internet is fine.

That’s exactly my problem

http://gowdb.com is back up, and for me at least, so is http://gemsofwar.com.


Is working, but images of traitstones are a little weird


Yes, I’m trying out the new traitstone graphics throughout. On the one hand, they align with the in-game graphics, so will be familiar to new players. On the other, they’re ugly, and especially hard to read at small sizes, tending to blur into one another; minors look like majors, runics like arcanes. I wish IP2 had picked a better art direction for them…

Anyway, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll revert to the now-defunct graphics.


Yup, sadly, that’s the truth. I feel the colors should shine better through on them as well. I never understood why they let the old ones go, they were great.

When I look at “my collection” now, the traitstone graphics are significantly larger than they used to be (but remain at their old sizes in the checklist). It’s making each line where I have an untraited troop higher than it would otherwise need to be and … looks weird. Is this still a work in progress?

I still see the old traitstone graphics btw. I can send a screenshot if that would be helpful.