Are pc servers down

PROBLEM trying to connect on pc.but ok on my mobile

Works fine for me. I logged on on my PC a minute ago… :slight_smile:

I keep trying Thanks for the quick reply

I’m having the same issue. Pc can’t connect to server, mobile works fine. I’ve opened a ticket 10mins ago.

Maybe some local issue? 'cause I just played a PVP battle without any problems.

Server down on ps4, can’t load the game, it just stops halfway. Been trying to get on for half an hour or so.

I have guildies in europe who are having the same issue

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Hot-spotted from my phone and I can get in. So looks like something is wrong with my ISP or it’s provider. Like 5 mins ago it says for forums “site down or blocked”. Great…
Maybe a major european provider is having issues I would guess based on Vangor’s comment and the local ISP are suffering…just speculating

Same issue here, cant login on pc, but on mobile its fine

Are you in europe?

Yup Vangor. When I trace to gow website I go through my local ISP (Slovakia) -> (Germany) looks like my local ISP’s hosting/mother company -> (US) -> (throught multiple hops).
Can anybody with the same issue do a traceroute? Maybe we find a common name there.
How: in windows command line: tracert

Edit: can again access forums, no more saying blocked but the game still says server down.

Edit2: now I can’t access the normal gemsofwar website and getting the “blocked” msg…but can access forums…lol…I’ll just wait it out I guess

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Seems everything went back to normal just now. I can get into the game again and gow sites are ok.


No, in US, but its working now. Not sure what was up

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