Server errors and crashes xbox one


The servers are hanging really badly right now. People are being kicked out of pvp and the servers are having difficulties and error messages.


Same on Android.


Are pc having issues as well?


Ist leider bei Android auch so ich denke die beheben das so schnell wie möglich:)


It hangs when I start the game and it hangs when the game ends. When the game ends I see a loading Circle and I have to click retry. Once I collect my rewards I get kicked all the way out to the main menu. Every time @Ozball @Saltypatra @Cyrup


PC, too, experience hiccups.


Ja habe ich auch ,komme gar nicht mehr ins spiel rein ^^ ich hoffe das wird behoben :slight_smile:


The devs are off of work by now. Hope someone is able to come in and fix it. :crossed_fingers:


The servers wait until they all leave and then throw a giant party lol.


Bestimmt alle am schlafen ^^


Hopefully this does not last all day


It’s 9pm in Aus right now so unless one of the Devs logs onto the forums at this late hour (unlikely) and sees this thread we will have to put up with it for another 12 hours.




Os servidores estão horríveis tanto no xbox quanto no pc!!!


Things are certainly unhappy. I’m working on it.


So Problem wird behoben ,hoffen das alles gut geht :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s very bad too, now it has stopped


Dann viel spaß beim spielen ^^


back to normal now is great


Thank you @CliffyA