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Its so frustrating having server hangs

Been spending ALL day trying to get 100 urskas – only to have the last game hang - and my last two event gems not count.


It’s things like that just frustrate me. I kept getting NO Urskas - in the 4 kingdoms over and over and over. (and yes I know how to reset the battle)

Even the -quit after you get it- didn’t count my events.

I so needed those gems - ever since the Dev took away the gems in the Tasks and LTs

pos wont load!

I can’t login anymore. After restart it keeps on loading phase.

I’m xbox one and it just spins

On PS4 the game crashes when loading the event

Untitled - this might be one of the reasons

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Nope its not working on XBOX either!

Our team is looking into this as we speak.

@Saltypatra it started about 11:53 pm PT by my clock

We are rolling out a fix now.

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Isit fixed already? I’m still unable to go in…

only giving 1 arcane instead of two! FYI

Console or PC?

On console xbox

I am on mobile. The circle keeps on spinning.

i am still unable to log in on both mobile and steam? Any ETA on fix?

The fix has been pushed, it can take a little while propagate.

I’m in. Thank you!

Ok I am now able to go in.